Music Inspiring My Art

As any art I do, I always listen to music while I am writing my blog posts.

There are momentary inspirations, from certain beats, certain tunes, feels. My playlists include styles from A to Z. Whatever is the feeling at that moment. Last week the list was pretty up tempo, as was the moment. Though, whatever the style, music does magic to my creativity. Whenever I feel a block, the music is the key.

I have danced since I was a child and pressing the play button always started to move my body. And not only my body, also my mind. The thoughts and feelings inside me became alive as a story through my movements.

At times, I get an inspiration to paint, and I have realized there is a real difference in the outcome depending on the music I chose to play in the background. Those choices usually mirror the feelings of that moment. With few darker tunes it is good to get sad feelings out, we all have those every now and then. Upper beats will let your heart shine.

During my travels and when writing, I use background music as the scenery requires. I was listening to samba beats when I landed to celebrate a New Year’s eve in Saõ Paulo, tight house beats before going out in Paris and Berlin, Harry Potter tunes during Scotland walks and mandolino strings under the southern Italian sun. If I want to go back to those moments, all I need to do is to turn on those tunes.

With music, your mind travels to another place and land. And since that travel is in your mind, the only limit IS your mind. Let your creativity free and experience!




Sun goes down arriving in Helsinki,


Creating New Mindset

PS. Stay tuned for our second Halloween weekend in INSTAGRAM and TWITTER. 🎃 And all adventures to follow!

Energy back on!

At times, we all need a break to charge our batteries to get our energy levels back up again. Small changes to your every day rhythm might do the trick, or you might need a bigger change in life, as I am about to do.

My story.

As you may or may not know, the past three years I have been working as a member of cabin crew. It has been an amazing experience overall, not always what I expected but definitely worth of trying. I have visited every continent as well as met people from all over the world. The list of wow-moments is endless.

Unfortunately, the job has the not-so-luxurious side too. On-going jet lag and fatigue, radiation and the risk of getting exposed to various diseases are every day health risks for us cabin crew. The daily complaints from passengers and the stress from the company have definitely tested my patience and ability to stay smiley. Also, it has been challenging to keep up with personal relationships with such an irregular schedule and constant changes of time zones.

With all the positive and negative, I recently realized that I am at the point where the job of my dreams has become way too consuming. I have very little energy to enjoy my free hours, and even less to start executing projects that I have passion for, such as this blog unfortunately.

Cappuccino with an airplane on
Cappuccino with an airplane on

Our energy is not limitless. For instance, if you use all your energy in your everyday job or an unstable relationship or whatever it may be for you, the rest of the daily time you will need to gather your energy back in. You end up easily compromising your passions, and this, together with not recovering properly, is where the path to a burnout begins. In my case, to avoid all this and to keep my love for travelling also in the future, I need to make a radical change – change the consuming part, my job.

Time-wise, I want to direct my hours of work to do the thing that I have really fallen in love with, to pursue my ideas in film making. I have been hinting about this in some previous posts, and I will come back to this in the very near future. The hours of work, when put into something valuable to you, will give you a different level of satisfaction in life. It will be worth of the energy consumed. I know this from my previous experiences as an entrepreneur.

Also, to get back on track with my energy levels physically, I will need regular sleep patterns and a healthier lifestyle. When the body is full of energy, it is easier to work with the mind, and vice versa.

As I always say, it is important to be open-minded in life and try new things that interest you, but then again, it is as important to know when it is time to finish something that is consuming you too much, even if it was your dream in the first place. Do not regret either way. Do the changes you need!

And now, if I put together the most important message out of this messy text of today, it would be a reminder to take care of your energies. We are all human.

PS. As I am ready to start the next chapter in my life, stay tuned for the better days of energy.

Few words of thoughts. Coincidences and enlightenment

At times in life, there are moments that feel completely magical. Coincidences that we could have never imagined to find on our way. On our way to the next chapter of our lives that one way or another have been preparing itself in our minds and hearts.

One big loop comes to full, all the experiences and choices of paths make finally sense.

After many cancellations of plans for days off from work, I booked flights to Jaipur, chosen as a base by recommendations about the beauty of the city. The plan was to visit Taj Mahal near by. Funnily, Taj Mahal ended up to be the least wowing moment of the whole trip.


One unexpected wow moment instead, in Amber Fort, India.

I found a real treasure of a place to stay, All Seasons Homestay (which I can recommend if your plans or coincidences ever bring you around the area). I met such warm persons that helped and inspired me during my stay, such as the owners of this very same homestay, the gentlemen of Rajasthan Incredible Tours Jaipur and a couple from Mumbai that I travelled with.


All those smiley faces, Red Fort, India.

Where the real coincidence lays, is the fact that I found out the first evening of my stay that the city of Jaipur was organizing a film festival those days.


JIFF 2017, Jaipur, India.

I have had interest for film industry for years already, and in this event as much as the days I spent in India with all the wonderful people, I understood my-very-self that all the steps and experiences have been preparing me for this grand step and hopefully a chance that awaits me in the film world.

Sometimes it takes a coincidence, sometimes your work or the lack of it, to find your way and your enlightenment. We all have our ways but yours is only yours. You must just recognize it when it hits, and act on it.

*More pictures of my stay in India and other places in Instagram.

About travelling

I happened to read a blog post about travelling by an old good friend of mine. She left an incredibly tough question in the end of the page; ‘What does travelling mean to you?’


When I lived close to Paris, I really loved all the metro and train trips – got some time to think, travel in mind.


Ways of travelling – tuktuk in Bangkok, Thailand


Ways of travelling – a flight to a foreign land
Fra Airport, Frankfurt am Main, Germany


Tradition of travelling – by camels in the desert
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Travelling is a word, meaning usually ‘to move from one place to another’, as in my previous pictures. But there is so much more to it, it’s both a physical and mental life-changing experience.

At the moment, travelling is work for me, in a literal way. Long distances became my office and far lands home. When you are far from home physically and culturally, you really need to feel inside you and search your peace, your history, culture and values. Only by knowing first what I am made of, I can start learning from others.

Deeper inside we are not so different. Cultures, religions, traditions and history have made us act differently. But we all have same feelings, we need love, we want to understand the world, we get angry when something doesn’t work as we are taught, we forgive when things are settled in a respectful and constructive manner.

Travelling means meeting the world and through acceptance learning to live the world. At first travelling was mainly physical for me, but as it became mental and spiritual, it became home.

Power from the memories

“Instead of getting nostalgic, we should capture the power of good memories to create our future even memorable.”

Last week I visited again my home town, Jyväskylä, in Central Finland. I had real luck with the specially nice weather according to the season, colourful trees and so much sun. Here are some pictures to feel the very autumn going on, and few words about the feelings I got during my stay.


The central church of Jyväskylä in autumn colours


Modern views of the town

We tend to get nostalgic thinking about the past, childhood, university times. And even more there’s a memory effect when we visit those places. I think it is important to remember the past, to learn from the mistakes and keep growing. Never forget. Instead, it is needed to forgive the past in order to move forward and to live now and in the future.

Visiting my childhood town becomes weirder and weirder every visit. I’ve realized that I’ve grown far from those moments and it gets always harder to think about going back.

It is a sign that I have found my present life and future path in another place. I have built my new home elsewhere. As for now, I focus on remembering the past, and taking the power of those memories to grow my present and future.


And for the closure one culture difference, Finnish go to sauna a lot. Here is one more innovative way – a sauna-on-board boat in the harbour of a lake.

About expectations

Why wouldn’t you choose your next trip to a place that you have never even heard of? The reason not to do this is usually this; when you get those few days off of work, you want to be sure that you will enjoy and relax every second of the holiday.

But when you choose a destination that you know beforehand, you build also certain expectations. If you expect something, there’s less space for positive surprises. There’s a risk that you behave in a mechanic way to reach the level for the holiday you had planned, and you might miss many opportunities when focusing on your plan.

This weekend, I chose to leave for the unknown. I got an invitation to a village that I had never heard of, and I decided to head to the countryside, an hour away from Frankfurt am Main where I’m currently based at.

With my newly fresh German friends, we spent the day at a ‘schwimmbad‘ (as they call it in Germany), in an outside swimming pool area, in Bad Kreuznach.


On the way to Schwimmbad
Bad Kreuznach, Germany


Schwimmbad in a valley
Bad Kreuznach, Germany

For the evening’s barbecue, we drove to Wonsheim, to another small village close by.


Endless wine yards
Wonsheim, Germany

The tops of this little trip were definitely the home made prosecco, surprisingly interesting venues and all the lovely new people with their smiles.

When you jump to an unexpected, you let yourself enjoy all the details and experience more than you were expecting.

Old and new culture of communicating

I was born to a quite late generation, but I also had the privilege to live before Internet and mobile phones. I like the inventions of past times, for example it gives me a possibility to write this blog and share my thoughts all over the world (which earlier would have been quite a tough job). Though, instead of a Facebook message, it is a different warmth coming from receiving a postcard or a letter – someone really wrote it with their own hands.

Communication is faster, and many ways different what it was years ago. Sometimes we forget the real meaning of communication, interaction with another person. The strongest, only full way to interact with one another, is face-to-face. You miss lots of things you don’t even realize while communicating via electronic devices; all movement of another, the scent, the touch. While I enjoy all possibilities in this year 2013, I remind myself every day of the real life, which is still going here around us in other living people, not in the smartphone.

Creating a mixed culture of old and new – that’s a challenge to take. Keep the best of the past times and give also the opportunity for all new to step in.

Myself, I have kept some parts of the old, I send postcards from places where I travel and I read books made of paper. I meet people in real life and find the streets without Google Maps. Someone way wonder, how do I do that? Well, I check it beforehand and using my brain more helps me remember easier. We used to remember a long list of phone numbers, and these days many forget their own one. It is very important to keep the mind fit, and I’ve found this a very good tool for it.

Half way old is also the fact that I don’t own a smartphone at the moment. I used to have one, but since it got broken I decided to try a while without. There’s really nothing I miss from it. As I told before, I find my way very well. I don’t need to check my Facebook every five seconds, I’ll do that once I get home. And most important, I concentrate on the life around me or the person I’m with (and not the endless applications in my phone).

Anyway I have a very simple phone to text or call if something unexpected happens.

In the end, smartphones might be needed at some situations, eg. for working. I might buy a new one sometime soon, but I will definitely make a deal with myself to keep my eyes off of it in situations like meeting a person.


Relaxing in the sun with a book, observing all interesting happening around. Without Facebook.
Paris, France / September 2011

You have to travel far to see close – Introduction to exploring

You have to travel far to see close. I heard this quote many times since a kid, but understood the true meaning only when I actually went far. And by this I don’t even mean physically travelling to the other side of the globe (which I also did). Even in your own home city you can explore something very far from your everyday life.

We are used to repeat our days. We have habits in everything, the route to work as well as which milk we choose in the supermarket next door. Even a little change can open your eyes, in these examples changing the car to walking one morning (meaning another route) or going to another supermarket that might not have the same milk brand.

Anyone may start exploring physically close but travel very far in the mind. Of course, abroad it’s more likely that several different things hit you that you’ve never thought of before. A holiday to the beach resort might not be the most culture shocking choice, since it is designed for you to feel EXACTLY as at home, most of the times also the travel guide speaks your language. If the purpose of the trip is to relax and have everything as easy as possible, ready package vacation is the one to choose. In this case though, the culture of the country doesn’t really open to you.

How to explore a new culture then? In the end, it takes very little effort. Most important is to keep your mind open, give a possibility for the new ways of living introduce themselves to you. Meeting the locals is a very good start, also when visiting your neighbour city in your own country. There’s always someone who is ready to show you the insights of their culture. Locals are likely to bring you to places that you otherwise wouldn’t find, make you taste something you’ve never heard of, and teach you a part of their history and beliefs.

Listening, hearing, seeing and feeling this new world will make you compare it to your home culture. What do I like better here, what I prefer at home? What could we learn from each other? You might learn a new language, or improve one. Interaction with anything different from you will give you so much, make you grow and think. It will make you richer.

Here I have some examples what kinds of things you could explore. All the pictures are from my travel archives of past years.

Exploring the miracles of nature, temperature changes, different landscapes and extreme experiences in it, getting to know the history and art, changing points of view and interacting through other visions and thoughts, tasting new flavours and sensing the vibes:


Amazing view of Mediterranean sea. I was introduced to Sicilian culture by a local family, I ate fresh melons from their backyard, improved my Italian and explored the history of the area.
Erice, Sicily, Italy / August 2012


Freezing moments with -30C degrees, glittery snow in the air. My home but always an experience to feel it.
Jyväskylä, Finland / December 2012


White river rafting – feeling the great power of the nature, understanding our mortality, living full with adrenaline.
Rotorua, New Zealand / March 2011


Going back in time, feeling the ancient. I found this place to visit thanks to my Sicilian friend.
Segesta, Sicily, Italy / August 2012


Fresh provoking art on shirt with the happy owner – me, Spr Fkr
I participated open doors of the museums of modern art in the downtown of Los Angeles and changed points of view with a local, talented artist.
Los Angeles, California, USA / Februay 2011


Interacting with the visions of the greatest artists of all times in Louvre museum. I have visited several times, but I never get enough of the master pieces in it.
Paris, France / December 2011

oikea bite

Delicious bruschetta bread after a burning day by Mediterranean sea. ‘On a holiday’
Terracina, Italy / August 2011


A very special flavoured liqueur from Finland, tastes similar to liquorice, just saltier. Definitely a must! A ‘little-piece-of-home’ present from a lovely friend visiting me this weekend.
Frankfurt Am Main, Germany / February 2013

kesää 031deviant

Vibes of a lake in the silence of a  nightless night. In the middle of all chaos and experiences it is important to stop and reflect.
Keuruu, Finland / June 2008

Hi there! I’m a fairytale and I have a tale or two to share.

In this very first post of the blog, I want to introduce myself and some of my thoughts, also the ones why I started writing here.

My name is Satu and I’m originally from Finland. In my life, I’ve turned out to be positively open to new and unknown and to believe that I CAN. Maybe one of the background reasons for this is that in Finnish my name means a fairytale. Introducing yourself your whole little life as a fairytale, at some point you subconsciously start living as you were one. As anything is possible.

I’m the oldest of three children and my childhood was very much normal. I went through all the typical schools, pre-, primary-, secondary- and upper secondary school (in some countries known as high school). But what is not so typical, is the unit of the university of applied sciences I attended then, the entrepreneurial development unit called Team Academy. I’m sure I will come back to this in the following posts since, for me, Team Academy thought not just dreaming but actually making those dreams come true. And let me tell, there’s no magic. Just attitude change and hard work.

This attitude to take the control of my own life and to do the things I want to do, made me travel around the world and follow my heart over the countries’ borderlines. It is also the same power that made me believe I have something to share. And I started writing this blog.

First of all, I don’t understand why I didn’t start earlier. I’ve had many blogs (or shall I say I’ve TRIED to have many) before, personal ones as diaries, and few for marketing the businesses I had at the time. But after a few posts, I lost my interest because of the lack of real passion to share those thoughts.

Different cultures, languages, travelling (physically and mentally), art and our one big world – subjects I’ve enjoyed and explored my whole life. The ones who know me personally never remember where I’m at or who I’m with. Most probably I’m creating some sort of new culture, in a place X and with a person X, mixing new thoughts to my head.

I think that it’s the interaction that makes someone rich. We all, even in the same country, with the same language and cultural habits, have differences and so many things to learn from each other. I want to help us to connect, make each other learn more.

I will post as a wide range of material as possible, and from every single aspect of cultural matters, anything from funny language similarities to why we avoid eye contact in a bus to the biggest culture shocks. I want to write this blog because I know that I will learn something new every day that can be worth sharing.

It’s Monday the 19th of February in Frankfurt Am Main, Germany, and it’s snowing a lot. So I finally took my laptop and typed these words that have been in my mind for a long time. Here starts all the tales of this blog. Welcome!