Realize The Moment You Are In

Moments of self doubt and periods of feeling unsure of your decisions. Life is full of ups and downs, also those days when you feel lost one way or another.

It has been such an adventure to live in Berlin so far, to attend incredibly exciting events and meet all the lovely new friends, but the city gives also a great deal of anxiety of various things, such as finding a permanent place to live and the hecticness of life.

The overwhelming amount of possibilities throw you easily off track. I have come now to the same realization that many warned me when I moved here. It is really hard to focus and be strong enough to remind yourself constantly of the reasons why you made the move in the first place.

THIS POST by Lindsay Lohan that I saw the other day gave me goosebumps for my current moment, mainly because as a young girl, I used to love her presence on screen. It stated:

“When life stops you from going ahead,
Only in the eyes of the little girl you once were
Will you find the strength to start over.”

This sums up my thoughts in the past few weeks. I visited my home Finland over the midsummer, and got a good reminder of my roots again, the roots of that young little girl that once dreamed to be where I am heading at the moment in Berlin and elsewhere. This gave me the needed little push to keep on working towards my dreams and feeling good about the present moment. The way to the destination IS the life.

I am working on few of my own projects at the moment, which I will tell you more about in a later stage, but to start with, let me introduce POLYMER MOVIE – an interesting short film I’m privileged to be involved as a producer. Please click THIS LINK to start following our making-of and behind the scenes on Instagram as we work towards the final product.


Berlin’s vibrant film network, especially the one of women, has really helped me to get into making, also into this previously mentioned project. The biggest shout-out goes to Women’s Film Network Berlin, which I’m proud to be part of. If you are interested to join and in the city later this month, please come and share the vibe in Volksbar the 25th of July! To check the event on Facebook, CLICK HERE!



Remember where you started at and came from. Appreciate all your hard work along the pathway that made it possible for you to be here. Here is now. And your strength of knowing it all will bring you to where you want to go next!

Creating the New Next,


Friday 13th And Other Lucky Beliefs

So, it is the Friday the 13th today. With this information, most people just want to sleep over it.

Personally though, I cannot recall the first time I realized it was one of the luckiest days I ever had. So I am definitely not sleeping today, instead I am planning to work on few projects and go out with a lovely set of friends here in Berlin that I have started calling home.

Sunset in the station while waiting my metro to arrive // Görlitzer Bahnhof, Berlin, Germany

It has actually been somewhat a lucky week for me so far. Everything seems to be falling on their places the way I could only wish they did. Well, apart from the bird poop that landed on my head on Wednesday. Which brings me to another belief, don’t they say that bird poop on you or your property brings luck?

To make this post all about so called superstitious beliefs, this luck is something that a friend of mine read in the cards few nights before. No one has ever read any cards for me before, not in this deep way at least.

I can only wonder, how luck happens. Maybe my friend senses the way I’m living my life positively to see the most possible events for my future. And then, perhaps, with the information from the predictions, I have subconsciously been driving my way towards the right decisions and successful outcome.

Lucky or superstitious or not, correct approach and feel for situations always help them go the way you want to. Positivity attracts positivity. In the flow you seem to achieve more than you ever thought you could.

To note, some opportunities don’t wait. It may be this Friday the 13th that you receive the most important information in your life. The best way to predict your own future, is to positively take on the opportunities and challenges that life throws on your way.

Creating New Culture,


PS. While writing, this post was my 13th draft …

Flow Of Life

This past week has reminded me of how life can flow when you just let go.

From the beginning of this year, I wrote down healthy rules and goals for my life. After having absolutely no rhythm nor healthy habits as a cabin crew member for years, I wanted to focus on getting a proper sleeping pattern and a more regular exercise program. I wanted to keep eating healthy and now living in one stable place, I feel I have a better opportunity to really keep it going. Most part I’ve gone vegan, but I don’t keep it as strict as I could.

Well, this past week then.. I have slept way too little and haven’t followed the rules what comes to exercise and eating, at least not on purpose. What surprised me though looking back now, is that even by letting completely go and flow, I’ve lived mostly according to my ideals and goals. I’ve danced and moved even more than I normally do. I’ve eaten pretty healthy, choices that I’ve made subconsciously.

Fresh subconscious habits within flow // Aprilkind Kaffeebar, Berlin, Germany

Even though I’m still catching up some of the missed sleep, I have realized it is healthier to let go of those rules at times to enjoy life as fully as you can. A regular day will come again, and when built in strong enough, the rules of a greater and healthier life will follow.

Most of all, this flow state has given me energy and joy of life. I have got things done that I have kept planning in my head for way too long. Letting go of the rules you have set for yourself mentally, will keep you flourishing. Whatever I set myself to do in that state, I succeed in it.

Don’t be afraid to let go, trust the flow of life!

Creating New Culture,


Quote of life – trust the flow // Berlin, Germany

Countdown For The New Year 2018

Instead of the holiday hassle and the so called ‘holiday stress’, I see more people taking time for themselves and relaxing these days. Our lives are full of chaos as they are, so it is a great idea just to be and let the thoughts fly for a change.

Holiday feels like a fairy tale with snow ❄

This extra free time also gives a good break to take a look of the year passed. It is important to list the moments you were your happiest, and the moments that didn’t go so well. Remember why you were proud of yourself, and learn from the downfalls.

Personally, I have had an eventful, rough, happy and sad year of changes. I made myself proud by finally obtaining a driver’s license and by being brave enough to change my life completely again. I have learned to know that I am strong because of my travels and adventures since a very young age, and I don’t have to doubt my survival when in pain. I have also realized that deep down inside me, I know what I ultimately want in life and I can make it happen by believing in it myself.

As there have been positive and negative surprises during the year, it has all taught me once again to always stay open to unknown. We never know how the events are going to turn out, so let’s give them the chance to make our lives interesting and worth living.

Sparkle and stars to your New Year ✨

Have a wonderful and eventful year 2018 to remember everyone!

Creating New Year,


Birthday Of Finland – 100 Years

This time of the year is always very eventful in my life. Last day of November, aka yesterday, was my birthday. Today we are on December’s side waiting for holiday celebrations in the end of the year. Also, Finland prepares itself for the independence day coming on the 6th, which always comes with its’ own events. This year, it is time to celebrate 100-year-old Finland.


Independence day is the birthday of a country, the birth of the state that it is in today. On the day of that birth, all qualities and values were put in place as how to build the country forward. Finland has been through a long path these past 100 years, from poverty to success. I and the generations before me have seen good times as well as challenging times, but as we are about to celebrate the independence the 100th time, we can agree on the success the country has made.

In a similar way, our personal birthdays should be celebrated for our own path. We were born to certain conditions, and the way we build our way and success from there, is the real subject we should look at and celebrate. A birthday is always a beautiful reminder that you are a fighter, you have made it to the point you are today.

We can expand the same thinking to relationships, teams and companies. An anniversary is always the appreciation of the life lived, the challenges won and the successes gained. Ultimately, we are celebrating life!

As it is the darkest time of the year here up north, I collected some of my sunniest shots from our lovely four seasons in Finland to light up this December:

Autumn // Celebrate all the colours, the life lived!
Winter // Find your sunshine, even in the coldest of times!
Spring // Remember that a birthday is the start of the next chapter.
Summer // Home is where your heart is!

Have a lovely December everyone, and Happy 100th Independence Day my fellow Finns!


Energy back on!

At times, we all need a break to charge our batteries to get our energy levels back up again. Small changes to your every day rhythm might do the trick, or you might need a bigger change in life, as I am about to do.

My story.

As you may or may not know, the past three years I have been working as a member of cabin crew. It has been an amazing experience overall, not always what I expected but definitely worth of trying. I have visited every continent as well as met people from all over the world. The list of wow-moments is endless.

Unfortunately, the job has the not-so-luxurious side too. On-going jet lag and fatigue, radiation and the risk of getting exposed to various diseases are every day health risks for us cabin crew. The daily complaints from passengers and the stress from the company have definitely tested my patience and ability to stay smiley. Also, it has been challenging to keep up with personal relationships with such an irregular schedule and constant changes of time zones.

With all the positive and negative, I recently realized that I am at the point where the job of my dreams has become way too consuming. I have very little energy to enjoy my free hours, and even less to start executing projects that I have passion for, such as this blog unfortunately.

Cappuccino with an airplane on
Cappuccino with an airplane on

Our energy is not limitless. For instance, if you use all your energy in your everyday job or an unstable relationship or whatever it may be for you, the rest of the daily time you will need to gather your energy back in. You end up easily compromising your passions, and this, together with not recovering properly, is where the path to a burnout begins. In my case, to avoid all this and to keep my love for travelling also in the future, I need to make a radical change – change the consuming part, my job.

Time-wise, I want to direct my hours of work to do the thing that I have really fallen in love with, to pursue my ideas in film making. I have been hinting about this in some previous posts, and I will come back to this in the very near future. The hours of work, when put into something valuable to you, will give you a different level of satisfaction in life. It will be worth of the energy consumed. I know this from my previous experiences as an entrepreneur.

Also, to get back on track with my energy levels physically, I will need regular sleep patterns and a healthier lifestyle. When the body is full of energy, it is easier to work with the mind, and vice versa.

As I always say, it is important to be open-minded in life and try new things that interest you, but then again, it is as important to know when it is time to finish something that is consuming you too much, even if it was your dream in the first place. Do not regret either way. Do the changes you need!

And now, if I put together the most important message out of this messy text of today, it would be a reminder to take care of your energies. We are all human.

PS. As I am ready to start the next chapter in my life, stay tuned for the better days of energy.

Change for 2014

It’s been a while that I haven’t been posting. For me this pause was most of all time to search something new in myself. I felt the need to understand me more, and through this process, simply get new power on sharing new stories again.


The last sunrise I saw in 2013

I had awakening times over the holidays. During one week, I visited all the three places I consider my homes. Jyväskylä in Finland, Paris in France and Frankfurt am Main in Germany. Three different cultures, languages, lifestyles, group of friends and stages of my past life.


French stage – delicious snails

They say you need to know your history to understand the present and to plan the future. The important thing is to understand these points in all levels, starting from the largest one – the history of the world, to understand the dynamics around, the situation of your own country and culture in this frame. The knowledge of your own culture will teach a lot about behavioural aspects and give the power to be proud of your roots.


Wild berries is one of the privileges in Finnish forests, I learned to bake a berry pie à la Mom

Knowing the history of your own family, will help you realize partly how you have become the person you are, and the reasons behind your parents’ and other family members’ choices. It is important to remember that regardless of which choices your family has made, you are you, the only you in the world, and in today’s world you have the ability to choose the change if you wish so.

That brings us to the final one, our very own personal history. Which way have I developed during my life? Which kind of choices did I make? Which mistakes did I make? How did I overcome them?


Sometimes the light blinds you, sometimes guides
Eiffel tower in Paris, France

Staying in my childhood home in Finland is always awakening experience. Every single time I learn new about my past. Seeing the world, grows my respect towards my roots, and all the people who have walked part of my path with me.

Paris put many questions in my mind. Why did I do certain decisions in life? What came out of them? How did I grow up during those periods of time? Answering these taught me about my decision-making and behaviour in a big picture.


Re-living your past path makes you know yourself more

I finished the travelling week in the present. I see my path, I see this place and time that I have ended up in. There are things I like, and things I want to change for the future. I have ideas, plans and energy again but as we all know, only the future itself will tell the result.


Find the balance of the presence and the future – enjoy today, building your future

Happy new and very successful year 2014 for everybody!

Power from the memories

“Instead of getting nostalgic, we should capture the power of good memories to create our future even memorable.”

Last week I visited again my home town, Jyväskylä, in Central Finland. I had real luck with the specially nice weather according to the season, colourful trees and so much sun. Here are some pictures to feel the very autumn going on, and few words about the feelings I got during my stay.


The central church of Jyväskylä in autumn colours


Modern views of the town

We tend to get nostalgic thinking about the past, childhood, university times. And even more there’s a memory effect when we visit those places. I think it is important to remember the past, to learn from the mistakes and keep growing. Never forget. Instead, it is needed to forgive the past in order to move forward and to live now and in the future.

Visiting my childhood town becomes weirder and weirder every visit. I’ve realized that I’ve grown far from those moments and it gets always harder to think about going back.

It is a sign that I have found my present life and future path in another place. I have built my new home elsewhere. As for now, I focus on remembering the past, and taking the power of those memories to grow my present and future.


And for the closure one culture difference, Finnish go to sauna a lot. Here is one more innovative way – a sauna-on-board boat in the harbour of a lake.


Belonging to something is a big and important part of our lives. Cultures and all the groups around give us the privilege to fill the life with connections and caring.

We all belong to many subgroups, such as bloggers, surfers and teachers. But talking about deeper connections, we start to understand ourselves, how we have become the persons that we are. Also, we learn to see behind the actions of others and respect the different ways of living.

The surrounding people and areas have the biggest effect on our lives. From our parents, we get the genes and the heritage of the family history, and from school mates and teachers, we adapt many skills for life. All the people around us influence the way we grow to be. The city, country, cultural and linguistic areas and also different unions (such as European Union) build a part of us with their history, religions, laws and habits.

The main parts of one’s behaviour, attitudes and believes come from the culture they are born in, one gets raised to live following certain laws, and one’s morals in life are likely to be based on the believes of the main religion of the country. For example, even if I don’t belong to a specific church anymore, the cultural background of Christianity in Finland stays in me – I believe it is a right thing to do to be good to one another and respect the life around without destruction.

Every single person on this planet is unique with their personal background. But regardless of all the differences there might be, we all belong to one big group – human beings of this planet. All the same. We all have thoughts and feelings.

It’s natural for a human being to gather a group around, to have a stronger feeling of belonging, such as we see the cities, countries and different cultural areas as the result of this behaviour.

But a human also moves, gets attracted by diversity and wants to improve. Since in the end we are all the same, I personally don’t understand the self-destruction of societies and the whole world in general. Limiting moving by countries borders, manipulating thinking, blocking creating and in the same, making slower the whole evolution of a human being.

A very wise friend of mine put this question in my mind with awakening words: “Isn’t it just absurd that one human being born in a certain place in a certain time cannot move free on this very planet because another creature just like him/her has decided so?”

I’m wondering if there’s a solution for us to live in peace in full diversity without made limits, power of cash, wars and poverty. The Earth is a beautiful place to live and learn. Shall we ever give a proper chance for us to improve, succeed and most of all – belong to this place and time together?

kesää 031deviant

The silence of the midsummer’s nightless night // Keuruu, Finland

Enjoy the life you want!

In the previous post, I wrote about changes around us that we can’t have affect on. But there are many things that we have a possibility to control in our lives, even more that we believe.

In the western cultures, the common belief is that we have to go to school, through universities or other possible schools, apply a job, work for a company, get married, have one or few kids, get a house (or an apartment), retire, take care of our grandchildren at some point, and die happily to be sure that we have done our part of this world.

Jumping out of this circle, or in some cases trying to stay out of it in the first place, is a brave decision. You may not go to schools and instead start working early age. Or you may start your own company. Instead of one career you may have many, or you may work for a while and travel for some. You may not get married, nor have children. You may retire early age. Or of course, you may do everything as most of the people and enjoy that experience very much.

The point is, whatever you end up doing in life, it should come from your heart. Of course, there are responsibilities and necessities in this life, we all need food and shelter. The rest is up to us to decide how we want to have it all.


In prison, but of my own free will. Ghost view of San Francisco from one of the most famous prisons of all time.
Alcatraz, San Francisco, California, USA / January 2011

There might come a point, when you realize you need a change, even a little one. You feel stuck with your life somehow, it can be the situation in your relationship, your job or the country or culture you’re living in. It takes courage to jump, to possibly lose some of the safety net that you are used to have. A jump is always a risk, but with the risk you multiply your possibilities to get the life you really want.

The first big jump I probably took was when I left away from home, to create my own home without my parents. Other jumps that I had courage to take, were a break from university to live one summer in Italy, a trip around the world without knowing anything of the following future, and moving to France and now to Germany just because I wanted to explore, improve the languages and find a piece of me on the way.


A jump in the Pacific Ocean, on my trip around the world.
Mount Maunganui, New Zealand / February 2011

In all these cases, I received lots of ambiguous comments. I got admiration of my ability to jump without fear. But then again, all this was taken down by the judgement of being too free and not taking care of responsibilities, such as continuing the family and having a safe future career. As me talking, I know I took risks and so far I think they were all worth taking.

It is obvious that at young age, or when you’re deciding only for yourself (so to say without marriage and/or children), it is easier to travel, to change the direction of your life. But any change of the present and future can be made at any point. It is the attitude to changes, the positive openness towards possibilities that counts the most.

Little changes can be huge in one’s life. They can lead to fighting for your own happiness, fighting against some traditions. When you jump, you create something new. You create a new piece of you. And you create new culture around you.

Lots of courage to us all, to enjoy our lives as we like!