Creating New Beauty Culture

Wow, what a year it has been! And with a year I mean since the last blog post in 2019… Of course, it’s been a very special year in many ways, but let me introduce you to why this post is titled as it is, since as usual, I jumped with both feet onto a new path of creating something meaningful to me at this moment in time.

If you have followed my journey, you know that I grew up in central Finland surrounded by countless lakes and wild forests and that I have travelled and lived literally around the world, both for work and for fun.

What I have not written so much about before, is the fact that especially during my years as a cabin crew member, I started paying more attention to my beauty regime. Flying is perhaps one of the worst things you can do to your beauty. ‘The on-going jet lag, fatigue, radiation, and air-conditioning’ is not really the list you would suggest as a skincare routine. I started to have the urge to find cosmetics that were genuinely good for my skin and health and could provide relief to the lifestyle I was living.

Thanks to my busy flight schedule in central Europe, I discovered the German natural cosmetics market. It grew larger and larger before my eyes when living in Berlin, and that’s when I started to search for Nordic alternatives – there had to be some. And what I found (not so much for my surprise in the end), was incredibly huge supply across all the Nordic countries.

The Nordic and Arctic nature is known to be full of powerful remedies due to the extreme weather year-round. For a long time, the Nordic ingredients have been the secret of the natural beauties of the north, but as the natural beauty trend kept rising worldwide, I wanted to find a way to introduce the best Nordic products made and bring them to everyone’s reach.

The idea for Nordic Natural Beauty Awards grew strong during the summer of 2019. A combination of three main thoughts built the foundation for the awards –  my frustration towards the ongoing toxic cosmetics market, the massive growth of natural beauty brands in the north, and the need world kept expressing for magical, yet natural beauty products.

Nordic Natural Beauty Awards is the first-ever, yearly online awards contest of its’ kind, celebrating solely all-natural, Nordic cosmetics. The first edition was launched in March 2020. To demonstrate the luxury that natural beauty really is, the awards’ jury consists of 50 Nordic, internationally renowned stars coming from different fields – such as music, cinema, sports, and fashion.

Nordic Natural Beauty Awards 2020 winners were announced on the awards’ INSTAGRAM LIVE on Tuesday, October 27th, 2020. The prizes were presented by guests from the star jury; Clara Mae, Aníta Briem, Petra Silander, and Sisse Marie. The 2nd edition of the awards will be launched soon.

I am so thrilled to see the impact that this awards contest has already made, and keeps making, on the Nordic beauty producers’ businesses and in the world at large. The world needs to get closer to nature again, and what better way to start that than where we got lost the most – our values of beauty.

I believe that natural beauty is the ultimate beauty – and the ULTIMATE LUXURY – that the world is looking for in this very special year of 2020, and in the future.

To follow the awards’ journey first hand, check out the AWARDS’ BLOG. Remember to hit the follow button also on INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, FACEBOOK, PINTEREST, and why not on BLOGLOVIN’ as well.

Creating New Beauty Culture,


Value Manifesto Mirrors Today’s World


This is a question that most of us, and many art professionals even, find difficult to answer.

In Wikipedia, art is explained as follows:

Art is a diverse range of human activities in creating visual, auditory, or performing artifacts (artworks), expressing the author’s imaginative, conceptual ideas, or technical skill, intended to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional power.

My personal addition to this would be that art mirrors the world of the time of creation. Whichever piece of art we take into the evaluation, we can find the artist’s surrounding world through their work.

But how could we mirror then this digital, invisible, and intangible world we live in today?


VALUE MANIFESTO, the first crypto multiple and a pioneer art project in today’s blockchain era created by Timo Niemeyer, has found a unique way to mirror today’s world.

After becoming involved in this project, I cannot help but wonder: What comes to the invisible concepts, online communication, shared economy models, and manifesting against the outdated authorities, is this the perfect reflection of today?

Have a look at the project yourself at VALUE MANIFESTO’S WEBSITE and wonder with me!

Creating New Culture,


A Brief Point About Berlin’s History

The first time I visited Germany was in 2010. If I was asked before that what I thought of Berlin, my opinion would have differed a lot from today’s answer. Of course, Berlin has changed, but what has changed the most, is my knowledge and experience.

My brief point that I discovered now during my second week in Berlin, is about the historic part of this city that I didn’t know much about.

The Berlin wall – one part of the history that tried to divide us

Berlin, as well as Germany, is presented in such a monotonic way what comes to history and cultural knowledge in schools and media. We all have learned about the horrors that wiped Europe past century.

But before the world wars, and even between them, Berlin was one of the most avant-garde and open-minded cities in the world. As an example, it gave the wings for the world famous star Marlene Dietrich that was famous for her openness of viewing life. Art and different ways of life were flourishing in that Berlin.

Marlene Dietrich

As much as certain movements have tried to destroy all this beauty of life, it has all grown back and strong. Berlin is once again one of the most liberal and free cities in the world. Cabarets have changed to techno clubs and the classical style to more urban looks, but the famous Berlin air is back in the air.

The Brandenburg Gate – to remind us to unite

The power of love is the strongest of all. And Berlin proofs that big time.

From Berlin with love,


PS. My FIRST WEEK IN BERLIN, if you missed it.

Who decides what it is proper for you to wear?

This morning I was wondering how many shirts should I wear under my winter coat, since it’s been getting colder and colder again. I ended up putting on three. True, I’m not really a winter woman. Most of all, a very good protection for face with a scarf happened to be the most important one, since there was a huge snow storm!


No signs of spring anymore.
Frankfurt Am Main / Today 12.03.2013

The temperature is one of the factors that we consider while choosing the clothes for the day, or night. The style differs if we are going to the school, to the office, to the gym or to a party. Then again, in parties there are variety of dress codes, black to a funeral, never white to a wedding, different shades of fanciness.

But one thing differs depending the culture, country or/and religion – how much it is proper to show. Western world seems to be quite limitless, except rare occasions with tight dress codes. Nudity and pale skin are not that much of taboos anymore, so a miniskirt and a tube top is a perfect outfit for a hot summer day. From someone’s point of view.

In Islamic culture on the other hand, the women traditionally cover their body, and as an extreme example of other end – with burqa, that covers the face and even the eyes. In many places these days, the Muslim women wear only hijab, a scarf that covers the hair.

The first time, that I experienced Islamic culture, was a trip to United Arab Emirates in the spring 2011. To be honest, it was a bit shocking to see the women walking with burkas, since I come from a country where the religion is not shown in everyday life with different dress codes.

After some days, I also tried Chador myself, a cloak covering the head and body, leaving the face open. I went to see Sheikh Zayed’s mosque in Abu Dhabi, and it was obligatory for the women to cover their body and head while visiting. This experience gave me very variety of feelings that I hadn’t been expecting. Before the visit I thought I would be very anxious with the black dress in such a hot day, but it was actually very cooling material. Also, the men around stopped staring. In the end I found it very comfortable and safe.


The following days, when I saw the women with abayas, I started preferring their beauty and ability to make the outfit so classy with accessorizes to the tourists who were sweating in their too tight and revealing mini shorts.

Then again, I think everyone should have their own possibility to choose how they dress, how much they put clothes on and which style. It shouldn’t be any authority, law, rule, religion or a fashion queen to force people in one form. One day I feel covering all from top to toe, and another one I prefer the shoes that leave those toes open.

Which brings me to a discovery of today: I came across with a blog that publishes pictures of toes around the world, one part of the body that in some cultures is considered as a very private one.

I have always loved toes, as any other part of the body, and I think with the right amount of the pale skin the look can still be proper and beautiful. Dress codes for special occasions and proper taste to other days and nights. Let’s put our own consideration to this mad world.


Here my toes all in sand. As I think very proper way on the beach.
San Vito Lo Capo, Sicily, Italy / May 2012