A Brief Point About Berlin’s History

The first time I visited Germany was in 2010. If I was asked before that what I thought of Berlin, my opinion would have differed a lot from today’s answer. Of course, Berlin has changed, but what has changed the most, is my knowledge and experience.

My brief point that I discovered now during my second week in Berlin, is about the historic part of this city that I didn’t know much about.

The Berlin wall – one part of the history that tried to divide us

Berlin, as well as Germany, is presented in such a monotonic way what comes to history and cultural knowledge in schools and media. We all have learned about the horrors that wiped Europe past century.

But before the world wars, and even between them, Berlin was one of the most avant-garde and open-minded cities in the world. As an example, it gave the wings for the world famous star Marlene Dietrich that was famous for her openness of viewing life. Art and different ways of life were flourishing in that Berlin.

Marlene Dietrich

As much as certain movements have tried to destroy all this beauty of life, it has all grown back and strong. Berlin is once again one of the most liberal and free cities in the world. Cabarets have changed to techno clubs and the classical style to more urban looks, but the famous Berlin air is back in the air.

The Brandenburg Gate – to remind us to unite

The power of love is the strongest of all. And Berlin proofs that big time.

From Berlin with love,


PS. My FIRST WEEK IN BERLIN, if you missed it.

Experimental Berlin


The promised network of streets that bring everything experimental together

I have been in Berlin almost a week now, and I see that the amount of things you can experience will probably never end. The city is pumping its’ own artistic air, which I’m sure has drawn all these souls to it.


One of the most iconic places in Berlin is definitely the Berlin Wall and specifically the East Side Gallery, though surprisingly only one picture seemed to be packed with tourists – the famous kiss. But it is not the only art on those walls, and there are so many ways you can experience the wall. Again mirroring the city itself. Here are few shots around the wall, not including that kiss.

The Berlin Wall
Love between the walls
Contrast of two worlds
Always, choose the light!


This seems to be a growing trend all over the world, perhaps thanks to the smartphones that able us to cancel last minute and keep situations open.

Here in Berlin especially, I can see that people make vague plans and promises which they don’t even have an intention to keep. Maybe it is part of the culture of this city, and whoever lives in it, starts behaving this way. Maybe it is the hectic and interesting lifestyle itself that makes people do those changes or maybe, as mentioned earlier, the human beings with the technical media around have changed. Or maybe it is occasional, just today I confused the dates with a friend of mine.

Either way, lesson learned – keep your mind open for changes!


I came up with a thought, that as amazing as art in different forms is, the real art is always the reaction to it. I often see myself watching more the people in the museums or galleries, rather than the actual art. In the gallery openings in Berlin, my interest towards those art viewers have at least doubled. It is interesting to see which kind of a crowd is gathered to see that specific opening. It tells a lot about the exhibition as well. The interaction is always the key.

Women of the world – The Atlas of Beauty -exhibition opening


This is something typical of any big city, the sub worlds and areas that host various types of neighbourhoods change even from one street to another. As Berlin is such a mix of cultures, it has been mind-opening to walk around, meet new people and experience that famous Berlin air. Street after street.

Between the streets

Second week to go with whole new experiences..

Creating my own Berlin,


How Do I Set My Mind To The Mode Of Entrepreneurship?

It has definitely been an autumn of changes for me. From flying to the ground, from Middle East back to Europe, from the eternal sunshine to the promised land of freezing temperatures and from a relationship to freedom (as you could see it). I needed a quiet moment for myself, a break from running around the world, literally and mentally. I took my time back home in Finland and used it to find my path stronger again.

Personally, whenever I have that idle moment to think, to think again and to overthink even, my mind starts to travel. A wise person once said that creativity needs its’ own time and space.

Moment of silence entrepreneurship mindset to set goals
That moment of silence to find yourself

For me, those inactive moments always turn themselves to new ideas and an internal need to plan projects and businesses of some kind. This week, I had the privilege to join an intensive short course to develop my thoughts forward, and get the support for my ideas. The week has given me so many questions to answer, and I will definitely share my findings in the near future.

Maybe the mindset of an entrepreneur in its’ sense we know it today, is at least partly built in. As long as I can remember, I was always the one organizing various things, from countless clubs as a child to more professional events at later stage. But more importantly, the way we choose to spend the extra time and space on our hands is crucial towards a mindset of an entrepreneur.

The world, Internet and especially social media is full of inspiration and good material to catch, but can be quite overwhelming. I tend to use too much time on social media, which – I am pretty sure – is the case for most of us. Instead of pointless scrolling, I have tried to add more educational and enriching content to my days.

Speaking of, now I have stuffed my schedule quite full with countless courses and material, but it is the aftermath of that quiet moment and it is filled with motivating and inspiring points. Above all, I have the control over the material as I choose to.

Mind mapping my ideas


Take the time to get to know yourself, your goals and your motives.

Make the plan.

Along the way, remember to listen to yourself.

Be intuitive and passionate.

Authenticity will do part of your work.

Do your own thing and focus on it!


Imagine the stardust to your branches

I tend to forget these points at times, but those moments of silence work as magical reminders of keeping my path. The world will continue to scream but keep your mind clear and on your own path!


PS. This following article explains the topic super well: ARTICLE IN CAPITAL BBC.


Music Inspiring My Art

As any art I do, I always listen to music while I am writing my blog posts.

There are momentary inspirations, from certain beats, certain tunes, feels. My playlists include styles from A to Z. Whatever is the feeling at that moment. Last week the list was pretty up tempo, as was the moment. Though, whatever the style, music does magic to my creativity. Whenever I feel a block, the music is the key.

I have danced since I was a child and pressing the play button always started to move my body. And not only my body, also my mind. The thoughts and feelings inside me became alive as a story through my movements.

At times, I get an inspiration to paint, and I have realized there is a real difference in the outcome depending on the music I chose to play in the background. Those choices usually mirror the feelings of that moment. With few darker tunes it is good to get sad feelings out, we all have those every now and then. Upper beats will let your heart shine.

During my travels and when writing, I use background music as the scenery requires. I was listening to samba beats when I landed to celebrate a New Year’s eve in Saõ Paulo, tight house beats before going out in Paris and Berlin, Harry Potter tunes during Scotland walks and mandolino strings under the southern Italian sun. If I want to go back to those moments, all I need to do is to turn on those tunes.

With music, your mind travels to another place and land. And since that travel is in your mind, the only limit IS your mind. Let your creativity free and experience!




Sun goes down arriving in Helsinki,


Creating New Mindset

PS. Stay tuned for our second Halloween weekend in INSTAGRAM and TWITTER. 🎃 And all adventures to follow!



You could not miss this hashtag past week. It has been all over social media, and for a reason.

I was one of the first ones to add it from my personal circles. It was scary at first. I caught myself wondering.. what will people think? Will people imagine me as a weak person, someone that is easy to push down?

These are weird thoughts for me as I tend to speak up my mind. And I realized. It is not about what people will think of me, nor if I can speak up for myself. The message and its’ virality is the key. The fact is, I have been in moments which could have been avoided only by educating those men. And it has nothing to do with who I am and how I was built.

Education is the only way that fears, such as how I felt about posting the hashtag, will change. We need to be able to talk without blame, shame or any of that game. And we need a world where these conversations would be a past day eventually.

Pressing enter to publish my #metoo made my heart pump one extra beat, but all the feedback and comments I got, made me proud of myself. I had spoken. There is nothing to be ashamed of. It would have only been a shame to leave the chance to speak up pass.


We need to empower each other and seeing this hashtag all around the different platforms has made me proud of the humankind. It is just the beginning. The world can be amazing.

Yours too,

Creating new culture for the future

Why Is The X Factor So Popular?

The X Factor. We all know it as an entertaining TV-show. But why is it so attractive to us and draws all our attention to it as a show?

Anybody who knows me a little bit more personally, has heard me talk about Saara Aalto. She put on a massive fight in last year’s The X Factor UK 2016. I cannot lie, I have gone through every emotion from amazed to embarrassment to pride while following her journey.  But what made me a follower, is her relatability to me. She is a woman from Finland, trying her wings abroad and fighting her way to do what she wants.

You might love a person such as her because your inner motives really support the behaviour of a fighter to reach for her dreams, as I did. You might be frightened by the same reasons. Or you might feel anger and irritated, and she might not have any relatable sides of her to you, so you choose to follow another contestant’s path.

This might be the answer why The X Factor TV-show is so entertaining. We love to see the X FACTOR within a person come alive and make them shine. Most of all, we love to see this happen to a person that we can relate to and live those feelings through. As we want to boost our own courage, we want to see the successful story after taking that leap.

We all have unique presence in this world and within our societies. Experiences in life, points of view and deepest desires are what form us the way we are today. And what we want for tomorrow.

Obviously, The X Factor is not the path for everyone. But it is about the relatability to it. It is all about becoming vulnerable in front of people to fight for your passion. And that is ultimately, what makes us proud of ourselves. Through a show like The X Factor, we get a little taste of that. So follow those relatable people to you, get the courage and make your dreams come true as well!


PS. This is just my stream of consciousness, and if and when you have another point of view or more knowledge, please comment and discuss. Always interesting!

The Light In The Darkness

As promised, here we go on a Friday again. On a particular Friday, that I have definitely realized it is autumn time. Time, when the day gets shorter, temperatures colder and life moves inside the houses here up north of Europe.

The darkness of the season can be overwhelming, whatever form it takes. I have just moved back to the north part of the globe from year-round sunshine, and the shortness of daylight had to remind me of itself.

But as in anything, we have the chance to pick our side, pick our way of approach. This week of the autumn I have picked the colourful leaves, all those artistic lights that shine in the dark, pumpkin spice and coziness made of candle light.

Colourful autumn maple tree
Colours of the wind. Maple tree in Finland.
Bright lights in the darkness
When the leaves get dark, the other colours shine brighter. Valon Kaupunki (The City of Light) -event, Jyväskylä, Finland.
Lights bring the darkness alive
Lights bring the darkness alive. Valon Kaupunki (The City of Light) -event, Jyväskylä, Finland.

The light in the darkness is our being. Our light that shines from inside. We can present it as art, as in this last weekend’s light festival in my home town Jyväskylä in Finland. We can spread warmth around with flavours and smells such as famous pumpkin spice and make ourselves cozy at home with candles and our loved ones, to enjoy and to make most of the season.

I have heard myself say so many times that the darkness can be tough during the winter season. This time, I throw myself to embrace it. It is time for change. It is time to lay something so bright on a dark canvas.

Be creative!


Enlightened Satu in the cozy dark

Energy back on!

At times, we all need a break to charge our batteries to get our energy levels back up again. Small changes to your every day rhythm might do the trick, or you might need a bigger change in life, as I am about to do.

My story.

As you may or may not know, the past three years I have been working as a member of cabin crew. It has been an amazing experience overall, not always what I expected but definitely worth of trying. I have visited every continent as well as met people from all over the world. The list of wow-moments is endless.

Unfortunately, the job has the not-so-luxurious side too. On-going jet lag and fatigue, radiation and the risk of getting exposed to various diseases are every day health risks for us cabin crew. The daily complaints from passengers and the stress from the company have definitely tested my patience and ability to stay smiley. Also, it has been challenging to keep up with personal relationships with such an irregular schedule and constant changes of time zones.

With all the positive and negative, I recently realized that I am at the point where the job of my dreams has become way too consuming. I have very little energy to enjoy my free hours, and even less to start executing projects that I have passion for, such as this blog unfortunately.

Cappuccino with an airplane on
Cappuccino with an airplane on

Our energy is not limitless. For instance, if you use all your energy in your everyday job or an unstable relationship or whatever it may be for you, the rest of the daily time you will need to gather your energy back in. You end up easily compromising your passions, and this, together with not recovering properly, is where the path to a burnout begins. In my case, to avoid all this and to keep my love for travelling also in the future, I need to make a radical change – change the consuming part, my job.

Time-wise, I want to direct my hours of work to do the thing that I have really fallen in love with, to pursue my ideas in film making. I have been hinting about this in some previous posts, and I will come back to this in the very near future. The hours of work, when put into something valuable to you, will give you a different level of satisfaction in life. It will be worth of the energy consumed. I know this from my previous experiences as an entrepreneur.

Also, to get back on track with my energy levels physically, I will need regular sleep patterns and a healthier lifestyle. When the body is full of energy, it is easier to work with the mind, and vice versa.

As I always say, it is important to be open-minded in life and try new things that interest you, but then again, it is as important to know when it is time to finish something that is consuming you too much, even if it was your dream in the first place. Do not regret either way. Do the changes you need!

And now, if I put together the most important message out of this messy text of today, it would be a reminder to take care of your energies. We are all human.

PS. As I am ready to start the next chapter in my life, stay tuned for the better days of energy.

Few words of thoughts. Coincidences and enlightenment

At times in life, there are moments that feel completely magical. Coincidences that we could have never imagined to find on our way. On our way to the next chapter of our lives that one way or another have been preparing itself in our minds and hearts.

One big loop comes to full, all the experiences and choices of paths make finally sense.

After many cancellations of plans for days off from work, I booked flights to Jaipur, chosen as a base by recommendations about the beauty of the city. The plan was to visit Taj Mahal near by. Funnily, Taj Mahal ended up to be the least wowing moment of the whole trip.


One unexpected wow moment instead, in Amber Fort, India.

I found a real treasure of a place to stay, All Seasons Homestay (which I can recommend if your plans or coincidences ever bring you around the area). I met such warm persons that helped and inspired me during my stay, such as the owners of this very same homestay, the gentlemen of Rajasthan Incredible Tours Jaipur and a couple from Mumbai that I travelled with.


All those smiley faces, Red Fort, India.

Where the real coincidence lays, is the fact that I found out the first evening of my stay that the city of Jaipur was organizing a film festival those days.


JIFF 2017, Jaipur, India.

I have had interest for film industry for years already, and in this event as much as the days I spent in India with all the wonderful people, I understood my-very-self that all the steps and experiences have been preparing me for this grand step and hopefully a chance that awaits me in the film world.

Sometimes it takes a coincidence, sometimes your work or the lack of it, to find your way and your enlightenment. We all have our ways but yours is only yours. You must just recognize it when it hits, and act on it.

*More pictures of my stay in India and other places in Instagram.

Creating Our Earth – From sadness to respectful world of tomorrow

The past week has been very tough mentally for me, as it’s been for the most of the world. Beirut, Paris, Bamako, Syria, Iraq… The list continues. ‘Why’ and ‘what next’ seem to be the questions in the air.

In the western media, Paris was shown largely and Beirut seemed to be forgotten at the same time. But so were and are forgotten countless of tragedies all over the planet every day.

The lives of Lebanese lost were not any less important than all different nationalities that were lost in Paris. The reason why Paris incident has touched me personally the most and also some others, is because I lived in the city before. Those exact streets were my home. Every time I visit Paris, I go out around the same areas, I was there two weeks before the attacks, and I was there again now one week after. My friends live there. It could have been them. It could have been me. This closeness of events makes us react stronger to some events than others, even they are all as horrifying.


A view of Paris from Trocadéro, now one week after a tragedy that I will never forget. To me it represents our humanity, the happiness we can have when we learn to respect and love.

Personally, my mind has been full of plain sadness. I have needed my time to mourn, to leave my condolences to those who lost their families/friends in these inhuman attacks around the world. And sadly, they still continue.

There comes always a turning point then, we lift our faces up again to see forward. What shall we do, how can we help, what do we need to improve, where can we start? Most of all, how can we make the new world of tomorrow better?

We need to be kind to one another. We need to learn to tolerate and understand different points of view in life, we need to stop bullying and start building friendships, we must stop bombing and start sending flowers. In every city and country.

Most of all, instead of all the mess of today, we need to focus on the future, to build it better and always more peaceful than the world today. It all starts from children. What we learn at young age, we bring to the world later on. If we learn hatred, how can anything beautiful come out of it later on?

Our Earth is full of countless different cultures, religions, and habits. We need to learn from each other, let our children learn, let the next generations build without all the limits we might have in the world today. We need to concentrate on building respect and friendships, in daycare, in preschools, in schools, and continuously in universities, work places and different communities. This needs to be part of everyday experience. Let respect live in us.

Who will start to do all this? We all will.

How shall we? Be kind. Respect. Communicate. Learn. Innovate. Create. And most of all, smile.

Creating New Culture for tomorrow’s world,