Creating Art – Creating Culture

Art is part of our everyday life experiences and surrounding culture. I have personally digged through many forms of art from painting to photography to film to my lifelong passion – dance, as a viewer and as a contributor.

I love the practicality of some social media platforms such as INSTAGRAM, where I personally mix some everyday shots on the go with images that has taken more time and effort to execute. With the story function, I like to post moments of fun, not necessarily to be saved or judged for their photo quality etc.

As a more professional way of photography, I love to take pictures of various subjects on my travels around the world. At this point in time, I am making the move to upload many of my better quality images to different platforms, such as BIGSTOCK, where you are able to see and enjoy them, as well as to purchase them for your own use.

Here you may find some pieces of art I’ve created on canvas. This art form I practice less frequently but every time, it gives me such a feeling of liberation and is amazing way to spend some on-my-own-time.





See art, enjoy art and get inspired by art to do art for others to see, to enjoy and to get inspired from. This is our culture. Be involved in creating it for the future!

#art #instagram #bigstock #creatingnewculture


  1. That’s beautiful. I saw your blog on LinkedIN and stopped by. I really like the third picture with the yellow background and the first one with the lips. Are you selling your art?

    1. Thank you! These comments mean a lot since I’m very much a beginner still. Haven’t been selling yet, but that is one step to look forward to. Working on with new material.. 🙂

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