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#METOO. You could not miss this hashtag past week. It has been all over social media, and for a reason. I was one of the first ones to add it from my personal circles. It was scary at first. I caught myself wondering.. what will people think? Will people imagine me as a weak person, […]

Thanksgiving of tomorrow

Today, in the day of Thanksgiving, we are given an opportunity to have a moment to think about what we are grateful for. Instead of all bad news of the world and stressing about traffic and deadlines, our minds become full of good memories and beautiful details about our lives. Life is one big beautiful […]

Labels for love

A human being has a natural need to create routines and build up a control system to box everything to keep the mind sane. Since today’s world is one big chaos, it is understandable to do so. But love is something that shouldn’t be labeled. We need to learn to live free and respectful in […]