Good morning!

It’s always morning time in some part of the world. I do love the morning time because it is the beginning of the sunshine. Beginning of the new.

CREATING NEW CULTURE is my little mission to change this world piece by piece – to enhance its’ beauty, add conversation and bring more light. These are the motives I had in mind, when I started writing back in 2013.

THE ATTITUDE to take the control of my own life and to do the things I want to do, made me travel around the world and follow my heart over the countries’ borderlines. It is also the same power that made me believe I have something to share. So I turned a new page in my life, typed the first words and started writing this blog. I have had breaks, when there was no time nor ENERGY to bring this forward caused by distractions. After times of collecting more material, I returned to Creating New Culture and started developing where I left at.

IT’S THE INTERACTION that makes someone rich. We all, even in the same country, with same language and cultural habits, have differences and so many things to learn from each other. I want to help us to connect, and to make each other learn more.

WELCOME to share thoughts and discoveries of any cultural human connections we meet everyday. Come along and share your culture and ideas to blend this mix!




Moving body. Moving mind. Moving pictures.




  1. get in touch, info@samuels-art.com. Ryan Air passengers!

  2. Agustin_ADIB · · Reply

    The mind operates like a parachute > either it is always open or it does not work @satuNOsulphaunlockyourmindwithsalsa

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