New Year, New Approach

I always believed that if you have clear ideas and plans in your mind, you will subconsciously do decisions that will bring you towards your wanted success. I was never a fan of writing down every small step, as I personally feel it could restrict the flow of developping your way to success.

As this new year 2018 started, I listed my goals for the year. I can’t recall a last time I actually put words down on paper in a proper order. I had ideas, dreams and somewhat plans in few corners of papers, to remind me where I was going to. But this time, I made that famous list, as well as the ‘how-to-steps’. A new approach for this new year.

Not that I would ditch all my past ideas, I just want to put together all the best ideas that I come across. Even with the written list, I will keep my eyes and ears open, and focus on the opportunities landing on my way. It is only clever to fly when the wind blows.

For an amazing half way focus to succeed in your life plans, my-kind-of-a-way, I found this TED Talk by Reggie Rivers:

Few days into 2018, and the advice Rivers gives in this talk, has kept me in a good way towards a successful year.

Creating New Year,


PS. If you missed it, here is my last blog post about last year – the ups and downs it offered me and the life lessons I learned. To plan this year even better.

PPS. To reach your goals, which methods work for you?

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