Born With Inner Wings

Some call me a dreamer, some rootless, some insane, some brave.

I guess that it is my kind of a high – to chase the feeling of freedom. To search, how free can one be?


It is the curiosity that brought me to foreign lands. When moving, I feel free of movement. The more I break those countries’ border lines, the more I feel I conquer in life.

Where to next? // Helsinki Airport, Finland


In a literal meaning I get the freedom of weight when a plane takes off, or I jump from high (which I’m somewhat terrified of actually). In those moments I feel that my human weight is not the limit to fly.

Light weighted in the air


Mental weight is what this world tries to press on us so hard. This field is harder to battle at as there are rules in societies. I try my best to do good, be good and give my love. The purity of consciousness keeps the mental weight lighter.

Sea breeze that lifts the weight from your shoulders // Playa de Las Canteras, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

1 + 1 + 1 and you get an insane rootless dreamer. Which I am happy to be.

Those are my kind of inner wings. How are yours?

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