My list of Muses version 2017

Lists of Muses. To start with, I have to give full credit of this concept to my lovely friend KWAME, who’s been my ultimate muse lately.

So how does this work?

We all have those moments, when we get lost in social media, especially in places like YouTube. Your favourite pieces that you share then shape your List of Muses. It is a list of those people, posts, videos and such that lift the spirit in you enough for you to share them. It is a list of inspiration.

According to my friend, it is pretty simple to follow my list as it is usually pretty much in the same order. So, he wrote it down for me:

  1. Yanis Marshall
  2. Rihanna
  3. Saara Aalto (Special mark for Bohemian Rhapsody featuring Adam Lambert)
  4. Kristen Stewart
  5. Ruby Rose
  6. Pocahontas

How could I break this list down? With YouTube -videos of course!

Let’s start with the fact that it is 2017. We usually play music with screen on and I prefer to see an amazing choreography if I happen to look at that screen. And who does it better than Yanis? Exactly.


. . .


Then Rihanna.. her songs get always on the list. I just love the style, the sound and the feeling of them.

. . .


The videos of Saara Aalto are must watch performances because she has one of the most amazing and special voices of our time (in my opinion of course). I followed her path in last year’s The X Factor UK, and being a proud Finn, I always have to share Bohemian Rhapsody featuring Adam Lambert.

. . .


And few other cool gals. They just took the world with their own kind of balls, made their own thing, are who they are, and are still cool. Kinda end of story.

. . .


With Pocahontas, we close the circle and come as close to my being as we can. Her spirit lifts me to dream on a new muse list..

. . .

And speaking of adding some new ones..


is a first must add. She has pulled such magic strings on this year’s The X Factor UK. Applause!

. . .

As well, I know I’m a little late because I lived a busy life out of Europe til September.. But I cannot leave the Norwegian show SKAM out of this renewed list. The insane way they have captured the life of the youth, Nordic lifestyle and many issues in societies that pressure the teens, is incredible. The show pulled a young new Norwegian artist to my list as well:


My list is very me, and yours might look very different. But the point is to have one, to have inspiration, whatever it is. This works for me.

What is YOUR list of muses?

Creating New Muses

PS. My list would be endless, but to push it into one blog post, I had to make some choices.



  1. My list of muses would be:

    1. Dua Lipa
    2. Zara Larsson
    3. Satu
    4. Cara Delevigne
    5. Sara Forsberg

    1. Almost could have guessed, though I am honoured to be included in it. Thanks for contributing your list in black and white as well!

  2. […] to music while I am writing my blog posts. Last post was literally a list of many personalities, MUSES that inspire […]

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