The Secret Behind Creating A Belonging – Sales Or Isac Elliot?

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my stories from the opening of a new shopping mall SEPPÄ in my hometown, Jyväskylä. I am sure you are thinking.. opening of a shopping mall, what is new or interesting about that? That is exactly what I thought at first as well.

The answer is: nothing new. But this opening brought the town together and that caught my interest. Citizens from all age groups were interested in the event, and the mall itself definitely helped in that. The great amount of sales and offers got people up to queue before 8am in a freezing weather yesterday. Including me.

And then, that -3 degrees Celsius accompanying us in the queue, something very unlike for Finns happened – people were talking to each other. There was quite a festive feeling in the air. Because all those people made the effort to join the queue and the event in this early dark morning, it created the needed feeling of belonging to a community.

Today the community continued to grow and packed the place again. Perhaps it was the extra euros saved, perhaps young Finnish star ISAC ELLIOT PERFORMING – with his own community. The mall gave us the finest, but we made all out of it together – we created the finest. Community can only be born if we gather together.

Kauppakeskus Seppä Jyväskylä Finland

The sales, offers and concerts will continue over the weekend, so those around Central Finland, go and get your piece of these community festivities. Those of you further away, create that community feeling around. Witnessing this in such a cold and shy place, I am sure it is possible everywhere. And then, we can all create a much needed community together, new culture that shares the love.


Creating Old and New Communities


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