You could not miss this hashtag past week. It has been all over social media, and for a reason.

I was one of the first ones to add it from my personal circles. It was scary at first. I caught myself wondering.. what will people think? Will people imagine me as a weak person, someone that is easy to push down?

These are weird thoughts for me as I tend to speak up my mind. And I realized. It is not about what people will think of me, nor if I can speak up for myself. The message and its’ virality is the key. The fact is, I have been in moments which could have been avoided only by educating those men. And it has nothing to do with who I am and how I was built.

Education is the only way that fears, such as how I felt about posting the hashtag, will change. We need to be able to talk without blame, shame or any of that game. And we need a world where these conversations would be a past day eventually.

Pressing enter to publish my #metoo made my heart pump one extra beat, but all the feedback and comments I got, made me proud of myself. I had spoken. There is nothing to be ashamed of. It would have only been a shame to leave the chance to speak up pass.


We need to empower each other and seeing this hashtag all around the different platforms has made me proud of the humankind. It is just the beginning. The world can be amazing.

Yours too,

Creating new culture for the future

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