Why Is The X Factor So Popular?

The X Factor. We all know it as an entertaining TV-show. But why is it so attractive to us and draws all our attention to it as a show?

Anybody who knows me a little bit more personally, has heard me talk about Saara Aalto. She put on a massive fight in last year’s The X Factor UK 2016. I cannot lie, I have gone through every emotion from amazed to embarrassment to pride while following her journey.  But what made me a follower, is her relatability to me. She is a woman from Finland, trying her wings abroad and fighting her way to do what she wants.

You might love a person such as her because your inner motives really support the behaviour of a fighter to reach for her dreams, as I did. You might be frightened by the same reasons. Or you might feel anger and irritated, and she might not have any relatable sides of her to you, so you choose to follow another contestant’s path.

This might be the answer why The X Factor TV-show is so entertaining. We love to see the X FACTOR within a person come alive and make them shine. Most of all, we love to see this happen to a person that we can relate to and live those feelings through. As we want to boost our own courage, we want to see the successful story after taking that leap.

We all have unique presence in this world and within our societies. Experiences in life, points of view and deepest desires are what form us the way we are today. And what we want for tomorrow.

Obviously, The X Factor is not the path for everyone. But it is about the relatability to it. It is all about becoming vulnerable in front of people to fight for your passion. And that is ultimately, what makes us proud of ourselves. Through a show like The X Factor, we get a little taste of that. So follow those relatable people to you, get the courage and make your dreams come true as well!


PS. This is just my stream of consciousness, and if and when you have another point of view or more knowledge, please comment and discuss. Always interesting!

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