New era of Creating New Culture

As I mentioned in my last post about ENERGY, I made a pretty huge change in my life during past few months. I left my job as cabin crew, I moved back to Europe and I am planning to pursue completely different career – if we shall call it that way.

This time, I want to follow my ultimate dream. My dream to make ART, connect people and evolve myself through it. Especially, I want to learn more about film-making. I want to write my ideas on paper (= laptop) and make all those stories come alive.

For this new era, I created a little fresher but simple look for this site, to express the change. Another creation is this following picture. I used my original photograph as a background, to highlight a word and a sentence that inspire me. I want to create more of these and share them on my platforms, here in the blog as well as in INSTAGRAM and TWITTER. First one to be:


Curious. You never know which adventure you are about to enter.

As this blog is a part of my curious present and future, I want to make a promise here, in black and white, to post more systematically. It will keep me on track as well.

Therefore, I promise to post a new inspiration every Friday.

I will try to keep things brief and short even, since I know we all lack time and energy at times. Most of all, please, come along – comment, question and share!

Until next Friday,

Refreshed Satu


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