Energy back on!

At times, we all need a break to charge our batteries to get our energy levels back up again. Small changes to your every day rhythm might do the trick, or you might need a bigger change in life, as I am about to do.

My story.

As you may or may not know, the past three years I have been working as a member of cabin crew. It has been an amazing experience overall, not always what I expected but definitely worth of trying. I have visited every continent as well as met people from all over the world. The list of wow-moments is endless.

Unfortunately, the job has the not-so-luxurious side too. On-going jet lag and fatigue, radiation and the risk of getting exposed to various diseases are every day health risks for us cabin crew. The daily complaints from passengers and the stress from the company have definitely tested my patience and ability to stay smiley. Also, it has been challenging to keep up with personal relationships with such an irregular schedule and constant changes of time zones.

With all the positive and negative, I recently realized that I am at the point where the job of my dreams has become way too consuming. I have very little energy to enjoy my free hours, and even less to start executing projects that I have passion for, such as this blog unfortunately.

Cappuccino with an airplane on
Cappuccino with an airplane on

Our energy is not limitless. For instance, if you use all your energy in your everyday job or an unstable relationship or whatever it may be for you, the rest of the daily time you will need to gather your energy back in. You end up easily compromising your passions, and this, together with not recovering properly, is where the path to a burnout begins. In my case, to avoid all this and to keep my love for travelling also in the future, I need to make a radical change – change the consuming part, my job.

Time-wise, I want to direct my hours of work to do the thing that I have really fallen in love with, to pursue my ideas in film making. I have been hinting about this in some previous posts, and I will come back to this in the very near future. The hours of work, when put into something valuable to you, will give you a different level of satisfaction in life. It will be worth of the energy consumed. I know this from my previous experiences as an entrepreneur.

Also, to get back on track with my energy levels physically, I will need regular sleep patterns and a healthier lifestyle. When the body is full of energy, it is easier to work with the mind, and vice versa.

As I always say, it is important to be open-minded in life and try new things that interest you, but then again, it is as important to know when it is time to finish something that is consuming you too much, even if it was your dream in the first place. Do not regret either way. Do the changes you need!

And now, if I put together the most important message out of this messy text of today, it would be a reminder to take care of your energies. We are all human.

PS. As I am ready to start the next chapter in my life, stay tuned for the better days of energy.

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