Few words of thoughts. Coincidences and enlightenment

At times in life, there are moments that feel completely magical. Coincidences that we could have never imagined to find on our way. On our way to the next chapter of our lives that one way or another have been preparing itself in our minds and hearts.

One big loop comes to full, all the experiences and choices of paths make finally sense.

After many cancellations of plans for days off from work, I booked flights to Jaipur, chosen as a base by recommendations about the beauty of the city. The plan was to visit Taj Mahal near by. Funnily, Taj Mahal ended up to be the least wowing moment of the whole trip.


One unexpected wow moment instead, in Amber Fort, India.

I found a real treasure of a place to stay, All Seasons Homestay (which I can recommend if your plans or coincidences ever bring you around the area). I met such warm persons that helped and inspired me during my stay, such as the owners of this very same homestay, the gentlemen of Rajasthan Incredible Tours Jaipur and a couple from Mumbai that I travelled with.


All those smiley faces, Red Fort, India.

Where the real coincidence lays, is the fact that I found out the first evening of my stay that the city of Jaipur was organizing a film festival those days.


JIFF 2017, Jaipur, India.

I have had interest for film industry for years already, and in this event as much as the days I spent in India with all the wonderful people, I understood my-very-self that all the steps and experiences have been preparing me for this grand step and hopefully a chance that awaits me in the film world.

Sometimes it takes a coincidence, sometimes your work or the lack of it, to find your way and your enlightenment. We all have our ways but yours is only yours. You must just recognize it when it hits, and act on it.

*More pictures of my stay in India and other places in Instagram.

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