Stereotype me!

The latest news, Finland presented its’ own national emojis. There is The Sauna, The Unbreakable (Nokia 3310) and The Headbanger emoji.


According to this, I should be a naked headbanger rocking to my Nokia tunes in a sauna. Talking about stereotyping me.

These emojis definitely put Finland on the map as a country. But do I want to be stereotyped like this? When I started coming up with some questions why and how these emojis would represent me as a Finn, I realized there is more to these stereotypes than just outside figures.

I love sauna and I still own a good old Nokia phone. My Nokia is unbreakable as the emoji is called and wakes me up when the latest smart phones fail. Sauna is a special way to relax and I really focus on important subjects in my life at the same. To the headbanger emoji, I can relate more on a national level, I heard much rock and metal tunes when I lived in Finland, and I also saw headbangers around. Just, personally heavy music is not my thing and at first, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the headbanger emoji.

People remember Nokia and can relate to the unbreakable message of it. But Nokia is not just an old memory of technology, it tells the world what we can create, how we can push our limits to something new and how consistent work can result in success. It transmits the Finnish strength ‘sisu’, that I also have in me.

Sauna is not just being naked in the heat and throwing water on rocks. This emoji tells about our cultural ritual and perhaps about our closeness to nature, being naked with ourselves.

And what does the headbanger tell? That Finland is the promised land of rock and metal music? That the darkness of the winter and the melancholy of our emotions come out as art? Even though, I’m not the biggest rocker, I see I can relate to the background story, as an artist of life myself.

I think these emojis are an amazing and innovative way of presenting a culture, in tongue-in-cheek way, as they were created. I give my full support. Please, all cultures, create yours!


Press HERE to read the article about Finn emojis.

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