Four star champions: Deut-schlaaaand

Monday morning. Tiredness. Staying in bed and calling off sick feels so tempting. But through all that sleepiness you still smile. Because you remember all the happy faces, hugs with strangers, people on cars, tractors and busses – on whatever they just found to climb on. It was a good night to stay in Germany.

There are always many speculations about football, about big sports in general. Was someone bought? Is it always fair? We can never really know for sure. But what we know is that both teams really fought last night, the match was very tight till the end of 120 minutes.

German team though, I have to say, was iron the whole tournament. I watched all of their games through this journey and every part of the field kept their performance strong. Black-yellow-reds played as a team, and team spirit continued to the streets of the country for later hours after the final. It made even us non-Germans go a bit crazy.


It is always amazing to see one nation or group to get together and celebrate in a positive way. Germany, very much Frankfurt am Main where I am staying, is such a big mix of different nationalities and people with variety of backgrounds so the feeling was even higher. All for the love of football!

All I can say is, thank you for showing your heart, well played Germany, and congratulations for the fourth star!

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