Royal romantic route

Last Friday, with three Italian friends of mine, we rented a car and hit the road towards the south of Germany, to explore the historical romantic road, ‘Romantische Strasse’.

As human beings, we have a long history and there are many marks and monuments to remind us from the lived past. In general, we all visit and feel these places way too rarely. The history of our cultures is everywhere; every village and city have a past, every family and so a person has roots and history that is behind any behaviour or culture. Some of those events are in the close past, some further away.

The most important is the knowledge of the history, not the history itself. Knowing the roots lets you learn to see the signs of the future, and develop yourself and this world.

Our first stop was Würzburg, and it’s old palace – Residenz Würzburg. Walking in those royal gardens I realized that there’s always been one person leading the rest, whether it was the head of the tribe, a king or a president.


In the history of human beings there are many eras of kingdoms and dictatorships. One person is born or put above the others. The blue-blooded royals didn’t have to earn their success, as the people in high positions (such as politicians) these days do. Neither did the dictators, they took the power.


The fascinating question is though that if we all are the same as human beings, why do we let someone tell us what to do and how to live? Is this a part where the history repeats itself?

The kindgdoms, the way they used to be, are in the past, but still some exist, as well as dictatorships. And there’re at least some leading figures in every country, a president and a government. This is how the world is right now, even though we are going towards democracy and everyone’s leadership.

But do we need someone higher to keep the society and life rolling? Do we need a leader? And if so, what kind of a leader do we need? What can we learn from the past leaders to make a better future? What will be the future romantic road? Few questions to think about.


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