Open opportunity

This past weekend, there was a big open air festival in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, where I’m based at the moment. Museumsuferfest, as it’s called, gathers the whole city and its visitors once a year by the river Main to enjoy last days of the summer and experience history, arts and different cultures through food, drinks, music, various shows and most of all – the museums.

These kinds of events are important for the community in many ways, they bring people together to enjoy and experience. And if there are so many cultures involved presenting their own specialties as in this one, it is also a great platform to learn and share.


Collection of pictures demonstrating cultural differences
Weltkulturen Museum, Frankfurt am Main


Tasty specialties from Scandinavia, to be exact, from my home town’s own factory – Panda.


Old school picture movie – piece of history
Deutsches Filmmuseum, Frankfurt am Main


Brazilian beats gave the rhythm for the final fireworks by the river

In the end, it’s the audience that makes an event successful. These free festivals are an open opportunity for us to meet new people, find fascinating things and enjoy our days. So whenever something happens in your village/ town/ city, get up, get out and give a chance for something new to flow in.


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