Designing life

Today I got thinking about us – human beings, and the different ways we can choose to live our lives.


I found this little spider on my way home the other day, and I understood something very important that this picture presents. The spider is ruling its own kingdom. It is unique and most of all, not perfect at all. But it suits perfectly the king.

In the cultures we’re living in, there is usually just one imaginary way to succeed – to be perfect. And it’s usually all about the money, the material wealth.

Money is needed in this world, we need it for living. But more important than focusing on getting the cash a lot, we should enjoy all the things that we do while earning. We should live and love the way towards the goal. For someone the ideal way might be the actual money making.

We might doubt whether we have enough talent and power to design and build our own way to enjoy work and life, as my good friend referred us all not being web designers. But sometimes the power and drive is underneath the surface..


.. as it is here inside a sleeping tiger. We need to pull the power out for our own good future.

To begin, ask yourself these three simple questions:

1. Am I happy with everything that I do every day?
2. What would I enjoy instead?
3. How can I reach my ideal life?

If you answered honestly ‘yes’ to the first one, congratulations, you will be the idol for the rest of us. Keep doing the thing you do! In case not, take some paper (or phone, computer, whatever) and start designing.

Every little step changes our lives to the right direction, and makes us all enjoy our lives and each other more.


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