Back to school – or not yet

Growing up in Finland, I got used to quite a short summer. In August, all the craziness and fun was coming to an end and schools started again.

It’s time. 13th of August. Also here in Germany you can feel the colder breezes coming. Some Germans go back to school, some not just yet, depending on the area. For some there are still few last August moments to enjoy. It’s time to take the most of the European summer and put those toes out few more times. Even in the rain, like I did yesterday evening.


Kesä kuivaa sen mitä se kastelee – summer dries what it wets
Finnish way to say that summer rain won’t hurt

Even though some countries and areas are close to each other, a simple thing like another holiday schedule makes a difference. Already at young age, we learn the way that the culture around us defines the summer. Coming from Finland, I consider months June and July the core of the summer. Instead in the south of Europe, the summer is focused on later months, for July and August.

If the months mean different things in countries that are this close, I’m really interested to know how it is on the other side of the world. For example, which is the Australian summer?


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