Communicating – delivering a message


Today I visited Museum für Kommunikation (Museum of Communication) in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. It gave me many thoughts and I would like to share something.

I started to think, we use electronic devices all the time but we never stop for a minute to think why. It’s all about the fact that we want to deliver and receive messages – we want to communicate.

To deliver a message, there were always ways to express ourselves other than talking, from drawing to writing, from hieroglyphics to different kinds of alphabets.

People started delivering messages in letters and packages – this method is still alive, known as post (or as it’s also called to underline the slowness – snail mail).


The logo of Postbank in Germany, and the horn symbolizing past times when it used to signal the arrival or departure of a post rider or mail coach

Telegraphs were invented, as well as faxes, phones, television, radio, mobile phones, computers…


Remember this one?

… and finally Internet came into the picture.

We have the most modern communicating. But do we respect it? Do we use it the right way?

And most of all, what is the next big invention? What will make Internet look old-fashioned? How will we communicate and deliver messages in the future?

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