The Power Of Nature

Today, I locked myself inside the house for a while, because a storm with amazingly strong winds took over the city.


A storm arriving – better get inside!
Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Even this was a mild storm compared to real destroying ones happening all over the world, I couldn’t stop thinking, how small we humans are. One cannot do anything when the nature shows its powers by wind, rain and lightnings.

When we get reminded of our tininess, it makes us wonder our values and choices. The nature puts us back to the basics, and so many superficial thoughts slide back to where they came from.

Danger pulls the love to the surface. After the storm, we remember all the important again. Everything seems clear, likewise the nature. A storm every once in a while is good for us; it feeds the nature, and clears the air and our heads.

Sometimes we need an inner storm as well, to change the things in our lives that we want to. We might get hit hard, but when the sun comes up again, we enjoy it even more.

Have some great storms and fresh air!

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