About expectations

Why wouldn’t you choose your next trip to a place that you have never even heard of? The reason not to do this is usually this; when you get those few days off of work, you want to be sure that you will enjoy and relax every second of the holiday.

But when you choose a destination that you know beforehand, you build also certain expectations. If you expect something, there’s less space for positive surprises. There’s a risk that you behave in a mechanic way to reach the level for the holiday you had planned, and you might miss many opportunities when focusing on your plan.

This weekend, I chose to leave for the unknown. I got an invitation to a village that I had never heard of, and I decided to head to the countryside, an hour away from Frankfurt am Main where I’m currently based at.

With my newly fresh German friends, we spent the day at a ‘schwimmbad‘ (as they call it in Germany), in an outside swimming pool area, in Bad Kreuznach.


On the way to Schwimmbad
Bad Kreuznach, Germany


Schwimmbad in a valley
Bad Kreuznach, Germany

For the evening’s barbecue, we drove to Wonsheim, to another small village close by.


Endless wine yards
Wonsheim, Germany

The tops of this little trip were definitely the home made prosecco, surprisingly interesting venues and all the lovely new people with their smiles.

When you jump to an unexpected, you let yourself enjoy all the details and experience more than you were expecting.

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