As I mentioned in the end of my previous post, I am currently on a little holiday in my home country Finland. The travelling from Germany took quite a while, but gladly I had some surprising and nice turns on the way. In the plane, I met a Scottish man that had such interesting stories to share that the time flew with us.

During the flight, we also talked about stereotypes among all the other discussions. Want it or not, we are always under stereotypical examination, especially when meeting a new person. To give some examples, let me introduce few faults of myself that don’t work according to the stereotypes.

I am a woman, and I have very good orientation skills. Yes, hard to prove but let me tell you this; they call me ‘Google Maps’. Even if I’m a dancer, I am not on a tight diet, nor I date any football or ice-hockey players. And then the biggest stereotype of all, I come from Finland, but I don’t like cold nor live in a complete drunkenness.


As a dancer and instead of that strong bottle, I prefer to enjoy the Finnish crepes, ‘letut’, with ice-cream and fresh strawberries

How can we break stereotypes? Do they even need to be broken? Are there always some truth in every prejudice? Do they actually help us in different situations?

There are many questions to answer but this is the question that I first pose to myself to build up the future: ‘How much and what can I do to change the negative parts to positive?’

How do you handle stereotypes, or any prejudice?



  1. You’re making me so hungry now.

    1. Well, it was delicious! 😉

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