Losing my food religion

There is something a bit personal, I would like to share. At the age of 14, I started being one sort of a vegetarian cutting the red meat out. My point for this diet all those years ago was to protect animals and to stop the misbehaving towards them. The years passed by and the actual bettering of the world got out of my eating and partly vegetarian diet became just a habit. And it grew stronger every day, like a religion that I couldn’t break.

Now ten years later, something cracked in my head when I heard my friends around talking about this delicious Spanish jamon iberico. How many tastes and experiences have I missed during all my trips?

Thoughts rolled in my mind few days and on one French-Italian picnic I did something for everyone’s surprise, side of all the smelly cheeses, I tasted a piece of some delicious southern meat as well. And it was good.


The actual eating part wasn’t hard at all, physically I felt very fine during and after this meat experience. The whole thing was in the end a mental issue. It was the breaking-a-rule part, finishing the commitment that I had promised to myself, that made me feel guilty. I lost my religion.


Finally coming to my senses, from now on I will keep eating healthy, preferably local and eco-friendly products, but also meat included with little amounts, by supporting fair trade. With these points in mind I will do much more good.

We as humans create lots of rules and regulations for ourselves based on surrounding believes, religions, laws, trends and endless other reasons, and many of them we don’t even need. It can be anything from a new fashionable diet to push a career at work. We should be an advanced species enough to analyze, what is the best for our well-being and the nature around.


Now enjoying fresh and very local strawberries back in my original home
Jyväskylä, Finland

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