Monthly Archives: July 2013

About expectations

Why wouldn’t you choose your next trip to a place that you have never even heard of? The reason not to do this is usually this; when you get those few days off of work, you want to be sure that you will enjoy and relax every second of the holiday. But when you choose […]

A candy detail

Lately, I’ve been writing about many deep subjects such as trust, love and understanding. But sometimes it is such a small thing as ‘why isn’t it possible to choose my own candies in this store’ that keeps me wondering the differences in this world. One thing that I figured out abroad, was that I couldn’t […]

Is It The Freedom That Brings The Happiness?

Freedom. What is it? This is the subject the famous Brazilian author Paulo Coelho is writing about in his novel ‘Zahir’. Is it freedom to be free from all the possible obligations of the society? Free from work, free from taxes and free from a specific place. Is it freedom to have the possibility to […]


As I mentioned in the end of my previous post, I am currently on a little holiday in my home country Finland. The travelling from Germany took quite a while, but gladly I had some surprising and nice turns on the way. In the plane, I met a Scottish man that had such interesting stories […]

Losing my food religion

There is something a bit personal, I would like to share. At the age of 14, I started being one sort of a vegetarian cutting the red meat out. My point for this diet all those years ago was to protect animals and to stop the misbehaving towards them. The years passed by and the […]