The culture of trust

When I was a little girl, some days we had all doors of our family’s house open without anyone home, us kids playing somewhere outside and running through the house every once in a while. Once I found the neighbours’ cat inside, once a squirrel. I know this sounds very careless way of behaving to some of my friends around the world who always locked their doors many times and prayed on top of that not to get robbed. Just, the surrounding culture is different.

Because of the common trust in the neighbourhood in a rather small town and the Finnish culture behind, free living was the normality. I never found a thief or someone uninvited, just those animals. When all the people around have the same mindset it is possible to create such a trust.

Trust is a big subject about which I have learned on my many travels and cultural experiences. As I am from Finland, I compare my background learned there to everything I experience.

Trust exists on different levels. It is not something you’re born with, you learn to live it from the people and culture around you. For example, my parents gave me the sense of their trust on me and as a respect back to them I’ve always worked hard to keep that trust both ways.

Trust in any community (from neighbourhood and sport teams to a country and the whole world) grow by knowing and understanding one another. The more everyone puts effort and their heart in it, the more trustworthy the being can become.

A human being is not bad, mean, greed or untrustworthy from birth, the influence of the existing world and thoughts and believes of people nearby modify every person to behave in a certain way.

A crash appears when we experience a different way from what we’ve learned. Coming from a place where you have a common trust around, I had to learn through different events that (at least at the moment) it is not the same everywhere. Police, other officials and neighbours might have their own agenda behind every action. Also it is not easy to start trusting if you’ve always been careful.

In the end, we are all the same, and only we as humans can change the existing norms. By creating more truth and trust around us, we can go ahead towards living free together. It acquires lots of patience, openness and most of all capability to throw ourselves to trust.


Creating art makes you trust your feelings and soul on paper ..or on whatever else

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