Creating Art

Creating New Culture Picture

The judgement around us might be crucial to creativity and art. For example, why is a subject such as arts and crafts graded already from an early age? While we are still searching ourselves, developing and trying to find our own way.

I wasn’t any special art student at school. I attended classes, I passed all the projects, but I was let known that there were always those ones that drew or painted better. At least now at an older age I know that art is not a subject to discuss who is better. Art is a way to express ourselves, and as many as we are, so many are there the ways too.

One beautiful day of March 2012 in France, I was enjoying the sun. After a while I got a bit bored of just sitting and trying to burn my white skin a bit darker, so I did something that I hadn’t done in years. I didn’t think, just crabbed a piece of paper and a pen. I started drawing the closest object I had, my hand.

That sunny day in France I thought: Maybe I am good at this, maybe I am not. But as long as expressing myself gives me the pleasure, I will keep trying.

After the first sketch of my hand I realized to open my eyes to try many forms of art, from painting and writing to photography and filmography. I want to share some of the pieces here in my blog as well. I appreciate any feedback, still respecting the fact it is my vision. More intimate art work I will leave out or publish just partly.

Here few first pieces.

Lips in two pieces

Stormy feelings


Art records our soul.


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