Labels for love

A human being has a natural need to create routines and build up a control system to box everything to keep the mind sane. Since today’s world is one big chaos, it is understandable to do so. But love is something that shouldn’t be labeled. We need to learn to live free and respectful in our relationships in order to give space for something greater.

Facebook (for example) gives us basic options to clarify our love situation, the way we usually box them ourselves as well. You can either choose to be single, to have some complications, or to be engaged or married.

But life, or love is hardly that simple. There are millions of shades and shapes for our feelings, most of them indescribable. We are all unique persons, so how can we generalize our feelings?

It is extremely hard to let something flow, go on its own, not to strictly label it. We start creating the future that doesn’t exist yet. We paint our fears on the wall and spoil the good that we have.

I have been feeling, thinking, wondering, getting annoyed, trying to solve, starting again, succeeding, losing, crying, smiling and most of all loving. This is life.

It might be a cliché to say but whenever I fully learn to leave my fears, live in this moment and accept the flow, I think I will be happy. But now I won’t think of the future again, I take a deep breath, close this post and focus to live and love right now. You should do the same.

PS. Big appreciation and thanks to my special inspiration, a person that has given me opportunity learn so much about this subject.


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