Barcelona State Of Mind

Passionate Latin culture. History in the narrow streets. Attractive Catalan language. New winds and waves from the sea. Barcelona is a mixture of factors that create a perfect platform for art. A platform to create something new.

The city is known as an inspiration for great artists such as Antoni Gaudí and Pablo Picasso. During my short stay these Easter days, I explored the Barcelona air, enjoyed glasses of delicious wines and of course, got amazed by few main pieces of Gaudí; Parc Güell, Casa Batlló and the master piece – Sagrada Família.


Fairy tale-like piece of Gaudí – Casa Batlló
Barcelona, Spain / March 2013

Personally, I have never liked to go around all the touristic sight-seeings in a new place. I might have a map in my bag, but I just love to walk randomly, find special places, and this way experience the atmosphere of the city. Knowing the history of the area, and getting to know the art inspired by it, preferably with the locals, makes the experience full then.

I have visited Barcelona few times before, and even without knowing a lot beforehand, the city always had a certain impact on me. The freedom of mind the city gives, makes me always wonder the big questions of life. And those are thoughts that I really want to share with other people, either over that glass of wine or through my own art, and now also here in this blog space.

One important question in life that Barcelona makes me think, is ‘how to learn to live in a moment’. Live today with every little thing that we have. Do not worry about tomorrow that still doesn’t exist. Barcelona makes me enjoy. But it also makes me search the deepest parts of me to decide what I really need, what I really want and what I would be ready to risk for it. Barcelona brings me back to basics, to collect the pieces of me today.


Collecting the pieces for your well-being, like in this piece of art of Gaudí.
Parc Güell, Barcelona, Spain / March 2013

These are tough questions, that might never have an answer. But you need to find the right questions first to start finding the answers. Right kind of surrounding to your current situation will give the needed push towards better understanding and good communication with your inner voice. With stronger voice and confident will the importance of the outer existence becomes more and more meaningless, you will be able to find your own inner peace and power anywhere. For me, it is Barcelona State Of Mind.

Where do you find your Peace State Of Mind?

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