Limit for racism?

Today, the 21st of March, on the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, is a good day to think of our actions as human beings, regardless of any country or culture. Most of us think we are discrete and tolerant towards other people by the believes we were thought to, but we also have moments when we have thoughts that could be considered as racists.

The thoughts are mainly coming from being ignorant or scared. The fear of unknown makes us protect ourselves. So it is an understandable feeling, but it doesn’t give a person right to discriminate the others. As those others don’t discriminate you. Just a different look, such as skin colour or preferences in style can sometimes be the case. Some discrimination comes from religions, such as sentences from the Bible or other religious books judging homosexual behavior or lowering the women under the men.

The limit between discrimination and living the life you want is very thin sometimes. There are obvious extreme cases of not respecting human rights, but how to measure all the rest? My suggestion might actually be based on Christian morals that I was thought as a child, even I don’t follow the church anymore. I always think that if it would be ok for someone else to do the same for me, it’s not discriminating. For example, I wouldn’t like someone calling me names or looking as a second class citizen, so I don’t do it to others.

When trying to take the discrimination out of the culture, there are very typical ‘arguments’ to come across with, that go way over the discussions, such as ‘Am I then a racist if I like a red car better than a blue one?’ or ‘Can I also get married with my dog then?’. These arguments only show how much consideration these people have given to them before saying out loud. In human rights, we are talking about human beings, creatures that are able to behave, communicate and decide equally. But what is there behind, is the fear, the fear to change.


A response from the roof during the Gay Pride Parade, fight is never a solution.
Paris, France / June 2012

This year’s theme of today was chosen to focus on the problem of racism in sports. I’ve danced and competed in different kinds of styles since I was a little girl, and I have to say that in this kinds of sports where the results are based only on the judges’ opinions, discrimination is an obvious consequence. The look affects as well as all the politics behind. Then again, I also see the discrimination between different sports. I think this is a very important topic to give some attention to.

We all have something new to learn every day. No one is perfect and as humans we do mistakes. But it is important to learn from those mistakes and try better the next day. Have a very tolerant day! And even better tomorrow.


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