Talk just to talk

Everyone of us probably knows someone who talks a bit more than others. There are of course the ones that make very good points, make up new discussions, and want to change something in this world by words. And then there are the ones who just talk to talk.

Sure, ‘talk-just-to-talk’ persons communicate a lot, they tell stories, they give their opinions, but unfortunately the communication goes only one way. The reason for all the talking can be anything from being bored to being scared to lose the attention of the others. In most of the cases, the talking comes out as a habit.

In the end, there is a little talk-just-to-talk person in all of us. One very good example is a situation when you meet a person from your past (maybe a school mate) that you haven’t really kept contact with. You ask how they are, they ask you how you are. You ask what they’re doing now, they ask what you’re doing now. You say that it would be nice to catch up one day soon, and they agree, but you both already know that it won’t happen. In this kind of a situation, it might be possible neither of you is really interested what has happened, but the pressure of talking to someone you used to talk to years ago, creates the need of communicating.

When you meet a stranger and you are somehow ‘locked’ in a place/situation, so to say forced to either be awkwardly silent or try some conversation, the weather seems to be the most known way to start. Other good topics like ‘how long do they make us wait in these offices these days’, make us talk just to talk, to kill the time we need to. Many cases we won’t remember a lot of those people after some while, even less of anything we talked about.

In this mobile world we tend to take our phones and start typing, rather than talking to the scary people around us. Chat just to chat. If we’re bored or we have nothing that we must do, we can start a chat. Either we might write to a close friend ‘Where are you? What are you doing?’ or to someone we remember we should keep more contact with ‘How are you doing? What are you doing these days?’ Same questions, no more interest to know the answers than in the real world talk-to-talk. We just chat to kill time, while waiting for example.

There’s so much happening all the time in the world, and most of all, we have access to see and hear everything that is going on out there, so we must create some filters for all the information, to focus on the needed and interesting.

You may test for example, you scroll the news feed on your Facebook once. How many of the posts will you remember? I just did the test myself, and only post I really remember was a funny way to react all the ‘Happy Women’s day!’ posts, written by a close friend of mine. This is how our mind selects the information, and it will select the important and interesting.

Conclusion, there is a lot of material for us to listen in the world, and we have apparently learned to keep the important for us and skip the rest, but let’s not trash all the air.

Then, last but not least, Happy Women’s day !!

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