Monthly Archives: March 2013

Limit for racism?

Today, the 21st of March, on the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, is a good day to think of our actions as human beings, regardless of any country or culture. Most of us think we are discrete and tolerant towards other people by the believes we were thought to, but we also […]

Enjoy the life you want!

In the previous post, I wrote about changes around us that we can’t have affect on. But there are many things that we have a possibility to control in our lives, even more that we believe. In the western cultures, the common belief is that we have to go to school, through universities or other […]

Your attitude to changes?

Changes in life – such a natural thing. Nature changes every second, the trees grow, the ants die and a new panda is born. We change too, and so does everything around us. But at times, we act as something unnatural would have happened. I take an example from the weather, now that it has […]

Who decides what it is proper for you to wear?

This morning I was wondering how many shirts should I wear under my winter coat, since it’s been getting colder and colder again. I ended up putting three on. True, I’m not really a winter woman. Most of all, a very good protection for face with a scarf happened to be the most important one, […]

Insights to the closed cultures and countries – in 3 books

I prefer to feel the air of another country rather than watching it from TV, and hear the real stories behind the touristic brochures. But sometimes it is not possible, or it is hard to find someone who would say a word. In these cases my way is to read a book written by an […]

Talk just to talk

Everyone of us probably knows someone who talks a bit more than others. There are of course the ones that make very good points, make up new discussions, and want to change something in this world by words. And then there are the ones who just talk to talk. Sure, ‘talk-just-to-talk’ persons communicate a lot, […]

First days of spring

The spring has arrived! Yesterday afternoon, I felt the first time that my heavy and so lovely warm winter coat was way too much. Degrees rising suddenly over +10C and sun burning my eyes, after so many dark months – a surprise attack, but oh so nice! This is Central Europe, there are few months […]