Old and new culture of communicating

I was born to a quite late generation, but I also had the privilege to live before Internet and mobile phones. I like the inventions of past times, for example it gives me a possibility to write this blog and share my thoughts all over the world (which earlier would have been quite a tough job). Though, instead of a Facebook message, it is a different warmth coming from receiving a postcard or a letter – someone really wrote it with their own hands.

Communication is faster, and many ways different what it was years ago. Sometimes we forget the real meaning of communication, interaction with another person. The strongest, only full way to interact with one another, is face-to-face. You miss lots of things you don’t even realize while communicating via electronic devices; all movement of another, the scent, the touch. While I enjoy all possibilities in this year 2013, I remind myself every day of the real life, which is still going here around us in other living people, not in the smartphone.

Creating a mixed culture of old and new – that’s a challenge to take. Keep the best of the past times and give also the opportunity for all new to step in.

Myself, I have kept some parts of the old, I send postcards from places where I travel and I read books made of paper. I meet people in real life and find the streets without Google Maps. Someone way wonder, how do I do that? Well, I check it beforehand and using my brain more helps me remember easier. We used to remember a long list of phone numbers, and these days many forget their own one. It is very important to keep the mind fit, and I’ve found this a very good tool for it.

Half way old is also the fact that I don’t own a smartphone at the moment. I used to have one, but since it got broken I decided to try a while without. There’s really nothing I miss from it. As I told before, I find my way very well. I don’t need to check my Facebook every five seconds, I’ll do that once I get home. And most important, I concentrate on the life around me or the person I’m with (and not the endless applications in my phone).

Anyway I have a very simple phone to text or call if something unexpected happens.

In the end, smartphones might be needed at some situations, eg. for working. I might buy a new one sometime soon, but I will definitely make a deal with myself to keep my eyes off of it in situations like meeting a person.


Relaxing in the sun with a book, observing all interesting happening around. Without Facebook.
Paris, France / September 2011

2 thoughts on “Old and new culture of communicating

  1. Davidello

    Really true Satu! We still use chair to seat, bed to sleep, bike to move! The point is …technology changes and is fast, but the human being is more or less the same and his/her basic needs will be preserved unchanged for many centuries again.

    • creatingnewculture

      Exactly, there are basic needs that will stay as long as a human being is as it is right now. We need the surface to sleep on, wether it is a bed or sand on the beach, and a bike, a skateboard or feet to move from a place to another. I need to remind myself every once in a while not to forget the interaction with other humans, sometimes it is too easy to slide into the technology world .. There’s a real life just outside this computer/ smartphone! 😉

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