Hi there! I’m a fairytale and I have a tale or two to share.

In this very first post of the blog, I want to introduce myself and some of my thoughts, also the ones why I started writing here.

My name is Satu and I’m originally from Finland. In my life, I’ve turned out to be positively open to new and unknown and to believe that I CAN. Maybe one of the background reasons for this is that in Finnish my name means a fairytale. Introducing yourself your whole little life as a fairytale, at some point you subconsciously start living as you were one. As anything is possible.

I’m the oldest of three children and my childhood was very much normal. I went through all the typical schools, pre-, primary-, secondary- and upper secondary school (in some countries known as high school). But what is not so typical, is the unit of the university of applied sciences I attended then, the entrepreneurial development unit called Team Academy. I’m sure I will come back to this in the following posts since, for me, Team Academy thought not just dreaming but actually making those dreams come true. And let me tell, there’s no magic. Just attitude change and hard work.

This attitude to take the control of my own life and to do the things I want to do, made me travel around the world and follow my heart over the countries’ borderlines. It is also the same power that made me believe I have something to share. And I started writing this blog.

First of all, I don’t understand why I didn’t start earlier. I’ve had many blogs (or shall I say I’ve TRIED to have many) before, personal ones as diaries, and few for marketing the businesses I had at the time. But after a few posts, I lost my interest because of the lack of real passion to share those thoughts.

Different cultures, languages, travelling (physically and mentally), art and our one big world – subjects I’ve enjoyed and explored my whole life. The ones who know me personally never remember where I’m at or who I’m with. Most probably I’m creating some sort of new culture, in a place X and with a person X, mixing new thoughts to my head.

I think that it’s the interaction that makes someone rich. We all, even in the same country, with the same language and cultural habits, have differences and so many things to learn from each other. I want to help us to connect, make each other learn more.

I will post as a wide range of material as possible, and from every single aspect of cultural matters, anything from funny language similarities to why we avoid eye contact in a bus to the biggest culture shocks. I want to write this blog because I know that I will learn something new every day that can be worth sharing.

It’s Monday the 19th of February in Frankfurt Am Main, Germany, and it’s snowing a lot. So I finally took my laptop and typed these words that have been in my mind for a long time. Here starts all the tales of this blog. Welcome!

2 thoughts on “Hi there! I’m a fairytale and I have a tale or two to share.

  1. Liviusli

    looking forward to reading more and more of this 🙂
    I have some interesting inputs on German/Italian interactions 🙂

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